Calling all young baseball enthusiasts! The highly anticipated Regional School Sport Baseball Trials are just around the corner, promising an exciting platform for budding athletes to showcase their talent and represent their respective school sport regions. School Sport Regions will hold their respective trials to identify teams to compete in the 2024 12-14 Years School Baseball State Championships and the 2024 15-18 Years Schools Baseball Championships. Organised by Queensland School Sport, these events have been a stepping stone for many talented players on their journey to excellence.

2024 12-14 Years Queensland Schools Baseball Championship Thursday 18 April 2024 to Sunday 21 April 2024 at Surfers Paradise Baseball Club.

2024 15-18 Years Queensland Schools Baseball Championships Thursday 7 March 2024 to Sunday 10 March 2024. Venue to be announced.

Seeking School Approval: A Crucial First Step

For students eager to participate in the trials, it is imperative to seek permission from their respective schools. This involves obtaining both parental and school approval through a designated form. This process ensures that participating students are not only committed to their sport but also maintain their academic responsibilities.

Parents and students are encouraged to reach out to the sports and administrative staff at their school to obtain further details and the necessary forms. It’s a team effort, and collaboration between students, parents, and schools is essential to ensure a seamless and enriching experience for all participants.

A Platform for Aspiring Athletes

The Regional School Sport Baseball Trials provide a unique opportunity for students to compete at a high level, fostering sportsmanship, camaraderie, and skill development. This event is not only about showcasing raw talent but also about cultivating a passion for baseball and nurturing a sense of teamwork.

Participants can expect to engage in competitive games, receive coaching from committed teachers, and potentially earn a coveted spot in the Queensland School Sport Baseball team. For many, this event is a stepping stone towards higher levels of competition, making it an invaluable experience for any young baseball player.

Dates and Locations

The Regional School Sport Baseball Trials will take place at various venues across Queensland. Dates and locations for each region are available from the table below. It’s imperative for interested students to stay tuned through their school sport channels for updates to ensure they don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity.

A Word from the Organisers

“We’re thrilled to welcome young baseball enthusiasts from across Queensland to the Regional School Sport Baseball Trials,” said Kath Wenban, Chair of the Queensland Schools Baseball Committee. “This event has been instrumental in nurturing talent and passion for baseball in the state, and we can’t wait to witness the skills and sportsmanship on display. We encourage students, parents, and schools to work together to make this event a success.”

Get Ready to Swing for the Fences!

The Queensland Schools Baseball Championships promise to be a thrilling experience for students across Queensland. It’s a chance to showcase talent, build friendships, and engage in their chosen sport. Remember, it all starts with obtaining permission from your school, so don’t delay – contact your school’s sports and administrative staff today!

For further updates and information, stay connected with Queensland School Sport through official channels and school communications. Get ready to step up to the plate and let your talent shine!


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