$200 FairPlay Vouchers are Still Available!

The allocation hasn’t been exhausted yet – but they’re expected to run out by mid-August, so secure your voucher now.

You don’t need to claim them instantly, so grab one and then hold onto it – they can be redeemed up until June 30, 2025, so you can use them for a Summer OR Winter season!

Increased from $150 to $200 with 150,000 vouchers available for ANY child aged 5-17.

Find out more below:


How to process FairPlay vouchers:

  • Clubs will be required to setup an individual coupon code for each member who wishes to register with a FairPlay voucher.
  • Where club fees do not meet the $200 amount, please reach out to admin@baseballqld.asn.au to discuss potentials for capturing the full value.

Capitations Released (Membership Fees Released)

This year, there have been a few changes for the upcoming season to make the registration process through Game Day even easier.

The approved capitations are shown below and have been added to Game Day.


The changes for this year:

  • Replacement of the GBL Womens only Season with the Female Adult Seniors product (one fee for the whole year)
  • Removal of the GBL Womens 10-week Short Season – which wasn’t used last year.
  • Removal of the SQWBL specific fee to increase compatibility between membership types throughout the year.
  • A $3 Baseball Australia fee increase and a $5 Baseball Queensland fee increase (our first increase in 2-years!)

These fees have been finalised for the full September 1st 2024 to August 31st 2025 period, which means that our Winter leagues are able to determine their fees now for next year if they wish.


How does the new Female Adult Seniors Product work?
Using the ‘Filter’ menu, clubs can select a fee specifically for Females.

The positives of the new Female Adult Seniors product:

  • Simple single fee available for all females to cover the entire membership year (access to Summer, Winter seasons, no additional tournament registrations to compete in Womens or Masters State Titles)
  • Reduced BQ fee to encourage female participation

Our current membership split is 81% Male to 19% Female. Therefore, female registrations are approximately $30 cheaper. As the percentage approaches a more even split between the two genders, the discount will reduce.


Clarification for Masters Program Fee
  • Masters memberships are for members 50+, Baseball Queensland has made this change to align with Baseball Australia
  • Members purchasing the Masters BA/BQ capitation will only be eligible to play in Masters competitions. (GBL Masters Div 1, 2, 3, GCBA Masters (Winter), Masters State Titles, etc.) and will need to use 2024/2025 Baseball Queensland Masters Competition Form (#115823) .
  • Players aged 50+ who wish to play in other competitions (Adult Seniors Divisions) will need to purchase an Adult Seniors membership on the 2024/2025 Baseball Australia Membership Registration Form (#115072).
  • Club fees don’t affect capitations/insurance, and as such, clubs are free to continue discounting memberships for 35+ if they wish to do so

This membership type is classed as a ‘Program‘ membership.

For more information on the capitation products, please visit the Resources page. The document is located under the ‘Fees’ tab.

SQWBL fee Removal?
In previous years, a discounted fee was offered to assist in the establishment and early growth of the Southern Queensland Winter Baseball League.

The league has managed sustained growth year-on-year, and with changes to the function of the GameDay registration system, some changes have been forced.

We will be working with SQWBL in the lead up to the Winter 2025 season to ensure that we deliver a seamless registration experience for new and existing members while still supporting the growth of the competition in years to come!

Game Day

Follow the 2024/2025 setup steps for your club, region or competition on the Game Day page here:


Attention: Greater Brisbane League (GBL) Clubs

Thanks to changes made via Baseball Australia over the past 12 months, we have been able to deactivate the duplicate clubs we used for the GBL competition last year.

This means no more player transfers between two version of a single club – all of your teams are accessible in the same place that your players register – less confusion!

The only caveat to this process is that GBL need to create the teams from their side (and assign them to your club). We will release further details of this once confirmed, expecting that this will occur in August in preparation for team nominations to be finalised.

Volunteer Blue Card – New BQ Policy

ALL volunteers within Baseball Queensland, it’s clubs and regions will require a current and active Blue Card moving forward.

Please see the new policy here, or follow the link to begin your Blue Card application:


Game Plan – Baseball Australia Requirement

For the 2024/2025 Season, it is a requirement that ALL Clubs create an account on Game Plan and complete their Club Profile.

We would encourage our Regions to also create an account as the self assessment tools will still relate to your level and may provide opportunities for improvements that you can share with your clubs and implement as a collective!

Failure to meet targets may result in lower funding for Baseball Queensland, necessitating higher capitations for upcoming membership years, so pretty please create your accounts.


Brisbane Bandits Club Connect

We’re working with the Brisbane Bandits to build better connections between our Clubs and our local Australian Baseball League team!

Stay tuned for more information on the program and how the Brisbane Bandits can get involved with your club.