Game Day

As part of the roll-out of a National Database under Baseball Australia, Baseball Queensland have adopted Game Day as their new registrations and competitions portal.

Game Records in Game Day

Game Records in Game Day

2023-24 Season changes

Baseball Australia and Baseball Queensland have moved from SportsclubHQ to Game Day for the registration, membership, and competition management system.

Game Results, Player Eligibility etc will be entered into GameDay by Clubs by 7pm Tuesday each week.
NOTE: Games will automatically lock at this time and no results or eligibility will be able to be entered.

Home Team Responsibilities:

  • Entering the Runs per innings and score
  • Entering their player’s pitches thrown, innings caught, defensive outs
  • Entering their player’s Injuries or concussions
  • Completing their match day report – including PONAGs for the Game

Away Team Responsibilities:

  • Entering their player’s pitches thrown, innings caught, defensive outs
  • Entering their player’s Injuries or concussions
  • Completing their match day report

Umpire Responsibilities:

  • Completing their match day report (Incidents or Ejection Checklist)

See below instruction guides:

Entering players to the Game Record
Computer    Mobile

Confirming Players attendance and mandatory Stats

Entering Score / Results
Computer    Mobile

Entering Game Officials
Computer    Mobile

Recording an Injury
Computer    Mobile

Match Day Report (checklist)

Confirming a game
coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Registration Form do we use?

All changes and additions must be made to the Baseball Australia Membership Registration Form (#109897) or Baseball QLD Master Competition Form (#111209).

Clubs and Regions, under any circumstances, are not to create a test form and edit it. All registrations must be taken through one of the provided Baseball Australia / QLD forms provided.

Our products aren't showing up on the Registration Form?

Products must be marked Active on the Registration form before they will be sold/shown.

For more information, please scroll down to the ‘Edit Registration Form’ section.

Do we need to select dependencies or include capitations in our fees?

No, you do not need to select National or State products in the dependencies – Our products are mandatory and set for the member types.

Dependencies is designed for multiple products in the one season e.g. You can’t select a second season with a discounted price unless you’ve previously (not in this purchase/registration) purchased a product (and again, not a national or state product)

National, State and Regional capitations and fees are mandatory and will be charged to the member in addition to your club fees.

Does Game Day facilitate payment plans/BNPL?

There are a few options available to clubs to facilitate this.

Clubs are able to either:

  • PayPal are a payment provider for Game Day and offer a ‘Pay in 4’ program, more information here:
    Please be aware that this is facilitated through PayPal and not through Game Day or Baseball Queensland
  • Add a product for $0 and invoice the member to allow them to pay the invoice in parts
  • Sign up for a Direct Debit provider themselves
  • Provide a promo code to reduce the club fee and invoice the members direct
How do members transfer to new clubs?

The NEW club must request a clearance (transfer).

Please follow the steps here: Clearances

If you have a member transferring from another STATE, please contact us at with
Full name, DOB, current Club Name and Current Association/Region Name.
We need to request these clearances under a State login.

How to Approve or Deny Clearances

Where DO I find the link TO register?

Once logged into your club:

  1. Select Registrations
  2. Select Registration Forms
  3. Select ‘Share,’ or ‘Download QR Code’ for the relevant form

Selecting Share will display a link that you can copy.

What are discount/promo codes?

Rather than having multiple products for different prices, you can add a promo code that is given to the members required.

Click here: Overview


  • You could use these to reduce the club fee to $0 for members you have arranged a payment plan with while allowing the full fee to be paid by most members.
  • You could use a promo code to reduce the club fee if you have an admin fee or levy that is on all products but only applies to the first member.
How do I update Member Details?

Clubs, Regions and Members can upate contact details.

Please see below.

How do I merge Duplicates?

Only Regions can merge duplicates.

Please ensure the member’s Name, DOB and email are the same. 

Click Mark as Duplicate button on the profile you no longer need.

The Regions will merge these when they can.

Clarification for Masters Program Fees
  • Masters memberships are for members 50+, Baseball Queensland has made this change to align with Baseball Australia
  • Members purchasing the Masters BA/BQ capitation will only be eligible to play in Masters competitions. (GBL Masters Div 1, 2, GCBA Masters (Winter), Masters State Titles, etc.) and will need to use Baseball QLD Master Competition Form (#111209).
  • Players aged 50+ who wish to play in other competitions (Adult Seniors Divisions) will need to purchase an Adult Seniors membership on the Baseball Australia Membership Registration Form (#109897).
  • Club fees don’t affect capitations/insurance, and as such, clubs are free to continue discounting memberships for 35+ if they wish to do so

This membership type is classed as a ‘Program‘ membership.

For more information on the capitation products, please visit the Resources page. The document is located under the ‘Fees’ tab.

Clarification for Womens Program Fees
  • GBL Women’s short season and full season memberships are for females 15+
  • Members purchasing the short or full season will only be eligible to play in GBL Womens competitions. (Womens Divisions 1-3)
  • These membership types expire at the conclusion of the relevant GBL season
  • Players who wish to play in other competitions (Junior League, Senior League, Big League, Adult Seniors, Masters, Youth Womens and Womens State Titles, Womens State team, Winter competitions etc.) will need to purchase either a Junior League, Senior League, Big League or Adult Seniors membership

This membership type is classed as a ‘Program‘ membership.

For more information on the capitation products, please visit the Resources page. The document is located under the ‘Fees’ tab.

Where do I find Draws, Fixtures and Results?

Game Day doesn’t have a central competitions page which displays all of the competitions within the state.

Relevant Competitions portals will be linked on the Competitions page.

Tournament specific links will be available on the tournaments event page or on the Tournaments page.

Can we take registrations for the 2022/23 Winter Season?

No, please invoice any outstanding members for the 2023 Winter season.

Please advise Baseball Queensland of any new members who require capitations to be paid, the club will need to collect these and BQ will need to invoice for the BA/BQ capitations.

Who do I contact for help?

Game Day has an extensive Support Centre

Baseball Queensland will assist where we can. Please contact both of the staff listed below:

Danica Trotter –

Nick Wyllie –

If you’re having an issue with your account, please contact Game Day support.


Below you will find more information and some guides to help.

Clubs and Regions: Setup

Creating Game Day Passport Account
  1. Go to
  2. Click Register
  3. Complete your account details
  4. Check your email inbox and verify your email using the automated email sent to you
  5. Your current administrator will be able to add your account once verified.

For existing club administrators:

  1. Once logged into your club or region, select the Settings cog in the top right
  2. Select User Management
  3. Enter the new admin’s email into the text box and click to add them

For clubs or regions that do not have any administrators, please contact Danica Trotter ( and Nick Wyllie ( and we will add you.

Add Region/Club Bank Account
  1. Login to your Passport database.
  2. In the left-hand menu, click Registrations > Payment Configuration.
  3. Click Add Bank Account Details.
  4. Add your bank account details, upload the bank statement and click Update once complete.

Adding your Bank Account – Adding your Bank Account | Support Centre


Creating Products

Please read through the testing guides below and test out the processes outlined for a foundational understanding of the Registrations & Payments side of Passport.

The processes outlined in this testing guide are listed below:

Creating Custom Fields

Create any custom fields that your club wants on the registration form.

Unlimited Custom Fields Unlimited Custom Fields (UCFs) | Support Centre

Adding Promo Codes


Creating Promo Codes


  • You must add all of the eligible products that the promo code can be used for. 
  • Members can only use a promo code when they register one person at a time.
    e.g. 0 adult, 1 child.
Updating Member Details

Clubs and Regions can now update the contact details for their members.


Members can also update their own contact details via the member portal.


Clubs and Regions can run customisable reports under the Reports menu.

Full Transaction Report Walkthrough Guide

Payout Report Walkthrough Guide

Competition Administrators

Competition Setup Overview
Creating a new Competition & Add Teams


Post-Game – enter team statistics, match results, and individual player statistics

Club Management