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This page features all of the templates, guidebooks and tips and tricks documents that you’ll find throughout Club Hub. There are also relevant links for our partners or tools or organisations that you can seek support from. You will also find other important information here, such as the list of baseballs approved for use in the state.

Baseball Australia Resources

Baseball Australia have a list of policies and resources available from their website, follow this link:

Baseball Queensland Resources

Baseball Queensland operate under a set of rules and policies, these are available here:

Baseball Queensland Strategic Plan

Baseball Queensland Constitution

Approved Baseballs

The following baseballs have been approved for use.

These balls have been deemed to meet the required standards and specifications for play and clubs are free to use any of these game balls for the 2023-2024 season.

Considering the potential for different balls to end up in play in any given game the BQ rules have been updated to include a rule requiring only one type of ball be used in any one game (Page 9 – Baseballs for use in any game must be consistent in specification, make and model). This means that if you start the game with Easton 777’s only Easton 777’s can be used for the remainder of that game.


Clubs are free to purchase and use any one of the following ball types for use in games for the 2023-2024 season:


 Brand Model #
 Easton 777
 Wilson A1001FS, A1010
 Rawlings ROLB, ROLB1
 Brett BR-100 and BR-200
 Mizuno MB380 
MR Pro Stock

Div 1 Senior League and older: A100R, A085R

Junior League and older: A050R, A050F

Senior League and younger: B030, B015


Game Plan (Formerly Club Health Check)

Access the tool here:
“Welcome to the Australian Sports Commission’s Game Plan, a digital solution designed to provide sporting clubs of all sizes with valuable insights into their strategic and operational capabilities.

Use the platform to assess your strengths and weaknesses and access best-practice information and resources from across the sector to build and support your ongoing development.”

Club Hub Template Masterlist

Other Resource Banks

Community Directors Policy Bank Resources

Play by the Rules

Volunteering Resource Hub

Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance

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