BASEBALL officials

Baseball officials are truly amazing, and their hard work and dedication contribute significantly to creating a fun, inclusive, and positive environment for everyone involved in the sport. Without them, the game would not be played in a fair and organised manner, and it would be difficult to maintain the sense of community and teamwork that makes baseball so enjoyable.

From coaches to umpires, scorers to volunteers, each official plays a critical role in supporting the sport and ensuring that it remains accessible and enjoyable for all.

It is their collective efforts that make baseball an amazing experience that brings people together and fosters a love of the game that lasts a lifetime.


Coaches are responsible for training and guiding players, developing game strategies, and making in-game decisions such as substitutions and pitching changes. They play a critical role in fostering teamwork and community within teams.



Scorers are responsible for keeping track of all the game’s statistics, including hits, runs, errors, and more. They provide an essential record of the game, which can be used for analysis and scouting purposes.


Umpires are responsible for enforcing the rules of the game and ensuring that all players and coaches abide by them. They make calls on balls, strikes, and other plays, and their decisions can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game.


Volunteers play a vital role in supporting the sport at all levels, from organising local competitions, to running the canteen, maintaining fields and anything else that is required to help the baseball community. Without our amazing volunteers, many aspects of the sport would not be possible!