The Barclay Cup, named in honour of Emeralds legend Jacinda Barclay, is set to be an extraordinary and fun event for young female baseball enthusiasts aged 13-16. Hosted by  MacKillop Baseball Club at Chapman Gardens, Penrith from the 29 September – 5th October, this participation tournament honours Barclay’s enduring legacy and her contributions to women’s baseball in Australia.

This event is not just about competition; it’s about fostering a love for the game and encouraging participation from youth girls across the nation.

This year, Queensland is aiming to send two teams, ensuring that all players wanting to participate have an opportunity. We encourage any female player aged 13-16 to consider being a part of this amazing participation tournament.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

The Barclay Cup was launched through a collaborative effort from state associations in honour of Jacinda Barclay, who sadly passed away in 2020. The inaugural event took place at the Surfers Paradise Baseball Club in 2022 and received widespread acclaim.

Jacinda’s mother, Deb Barclay, expressed her pride in the tournament and its role in promoting women’s baseball. “Jacinda lived her life with an open heart. She would be tickled pink and absolutely humbled by this auspicious honour bestowed upon her. Jacinda always strived to inspire girls and women from all walks of life to participate in one of the sports she loved, that being baseball,” she shared with Baseball Queensland.

The Barclay Cup is more than just a tournament; it’s a celebration of Jacinda Barclay’s legacy and her passion for the sport. It embodies her belief in challenging oneself, fostering camaraderie, and creating unforgettable friendships and memories. As Deb Barclay poignantly noted, Jacinda lived by the motto, “It’s better to look back on life and say, ‘I can’t believe I did that’ than to look back and say, ‘I wish I did that’.”

This event is a wonderful opportunity for young female baseballers to come together, honour a legend, and participate in a sport they love. It promises to be an amazing experience that not only honours Jacinda Barclay’s legacy but also inspires the next generation of baseballers. By providing a platform for young athletes, regardless of gender, the Barclay Cup highlights the inclusive and progressive nature of modern baseball. This tournament is a crucial step in developing the skills, confidence, and passion of these young players, paving the way for a future where baseball is a sport for all.