This week, we gather to honour the exceptional souls who illuminate the world of baseball with their selfless dedication and unwavering passion! Without YOU, our fields wouldn’t be as vibrant, our games wouldn’t be as electrifying, and our community wouldn’t be as tightly knit.

From the coaches who shape our players’ skills to the umpires who ensure fair play, from the scorers meticulously recording every moment to the snack bar helpers fuelling our spirits, and from the devoted team parents to the remarkable BQ board members and advisory panel members guiding our path, each of you is a beacon of light in our baseball family.

If you feel the call to join this extraordinary league of volunteers and leave your mark on the world of baseball, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local club today! There’s an irreplaceable magic in the bond we share, and there’s always room for more kindred spirits to enrich our community.

This week, we celebrate the unsung heroes whose tireless efforts, boundless enthusiasm, and steadfast commitment infuse every inning with joy and every victory with meaning.

THANK YOU for being the heart and soul of our beloved sport.

Together, we’re not just hitting it out of the park—we’re changing lives and shaping futures!