Baseball 5 Tournament at Runcorn State High School

Calling all high schools! Runcorn State High School is buzzing with anticipation for its upcoming Baseball 5 tournament on the June 20th, 2024. Step into the thrilling world of Baseball 5, an innovative and dynamic twist on traditional baseball. Designed for accessibility and excitement, Baseball 5 promises a fast-paced and engaging experience for players and spectators alike, regardless of skill level. This tournament isn’t just about competition—it’s about camaraderie, teamwork, and the joy of the game.

Baseball Queensland is extending a special invitation to all high schools to participate in this exciting event. As part of the tournament preparation, schools will have the opportunity to engage in a pre-tournament Baseball 5 session, designed to help teams learn, practice their skills and get ready to hit the field with confidence.  Don’t miss this chance to give Baseball 5 a go and showcase your school’s talent and teamwork on the field.

For more information and to register your school’s interest, please contact Sam Cawdron at

For the event page and FAQ’s, visit:  Baseball 5 High School Tournament

Event:  Baseball 5 High School Tournament
Location:  Runcorn State High School, Runcorn QLD 4113
Date:  20th June 2024
Participation Details
The tournament welcomes schools at no cost, fostering inclusivity and participation among high school students of all ages.  Teams will be divided into two pools, Years 7-9 and Years 10-12 with schools eligible to enter two teams per pool.  Each team requires five players on the court, with substitutes allowed, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. Furthermore, the presence of a school teacher throughout the day is mandatory, ensuring supervision and support for all participants.

To learn more about Baseball 5 visit: Baseball 5 or watch training tutorials on YouTube: Baseball 5 Training Videos.