The Baseball Queensland Masters State Titles over the weekend finished with a bang, showcasing the essence of community and sportsmanship in baseball. Held at Surfers Paradise Baseball Club and Robina Braves Baseball Club, the event hosted 23 teams from across the state, all eager to display their skills and passion for the game.

As players hit the field, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement, marked by the sound of bat meeting ball and the cheers of supporters. Beyond the competition, the tournament offered a chance for players to form new friendships and strengthen existing ones. Additionally, it provided an opportunity for umpires, scorers, volunteers, and coaches – often behind the scenes – to shine on the field.


Results are as follows:


Masters Division 1

GOLD:  Moreton Bay Brewers
SILVER: Windsor Engineers
BRONZE: Bluewave


Masters Division 2 – Pool A

GOLD: Roughtails
SILVER: Riptides Orange
BRONZE: Surfers Paradise Clippers


Masters Division 2 – Pool B

GOLD: All Stars
SILVER: Wests Bulldogs Red
BRONZE: Robina Braves


Masters Women’s Division

GOLD: SPBC Bluewave Dragons
SILVER: Muskies Masters Gals
BRONZE: Pirates