Baseball Queensland is pleased to share the following details in regards to the Queensland Women’s State Titles, to be held at Hendra, Brisbane in Mid December.

Queensland Women’s State Titles – 13 to 15 Dec 2019 (Two Divisions)

Div I – Regional Teams (Can enter more than one team)

Div II – Club Teams or “Pick up” teams.

Queensland Youth Women’s State Titles – 16 to 17 Dec 2019

Queensland Little League Girl’s State Titles – 16 to 17 Dec 2019

Each event will also feature special team events:

  • Golden Spikes – Relay Race around the bases
  • Infield / Outfield Routine – Pre-Game Pace Setters Time Attack
  • Home Run Derby – Modified
  • Throwing Relay

These special team events will take place on Saturday evening for the Women’s Competitions and Monday evening for the Girls Competitions.

All three events @ Bannister Park, Gerler Road Hendra QLD.

Women’s State Titles 13 to 15 Dec 2019. One game may be scheduled for the Friday night under lights (no games scheduled to be played during the day on Friday 13 Dec).

 Youth and Little League State Titles 16 to 17 December 2019.

If you are already registered with a club you can get involved by reaching out to your Region to express your interest in playing for your Regional Team.

If you are not currently a member you can elect to register with a club or take advantage of our Tournament Membership that will cover you for the term of the State Titles event. For more details on selecting a membership type please review this information. To access the BQ Membership Portal please follow this link>>>

If you don’t have a team but would like to play you can complete an expression of interest to be matched with a team by following this link>>>


North QLD                    Alan Connors               Ph: 0433 857 947

Bris North                     Dan Wilson                   Ph: 0418 239 982

Bris Metro                    Jodie Moore                 Ph: 0401 060 182

Bris West                      Karen Gallpen               Ph: 0421 773 768

Bris South                     David Badke                  Ph: 0400 932 818

Gold Coast                    Kevin Fenn                    Ph: 0412 149 133

Sunshine Coast             Scott Bremner              Ph: 0403 908 576

NSW Country                Brad Donald                 Ph: 0400 676 696

Regions and clubs are invited to submit rosters of no more than 12 players and four coaches to by Friday 8 November 2019. Regions and clubs are welcome to enter multiple teams in any given age group or division.

Team Tourney Entry Fee (GST Inc):

Considering the budget to deliver the event and in an effort to encourage all participants to help promote these events, BQ will offer the following sliding scale on Tournament entry fees making it more affordable to play with the more teams that nominate to play. Find friends and encourage them to play to bring down the entry fee for your event. (NB Competitions with fewer than three teams nominated may be cancelled)

Six Teams Seven Teams Eight Teams Nine Teams Ten Teams Eleven Teams Twelve Teams
Women’s (across both divisions) $1790.00 $1535.00 $1344.00 $1194.00 $1075.00 $977.00 $895.00
Youth/Girls  $1790.00 $1535.00 $1344.00 $1194.00 $1075.00 $977.00 $895.00



Teams participating in the Women’s and Girl’s State Titles will also have the opportunity to take home prizes in the following events.

Golden Spikes Relay


  • Four players per team: 2 @ Home, 2 @ 2B
  • Each player runs two bases: H-2B or 2B- H depending on where they start.
  • One player runs at a time
  • The next player must have one foot on their starting base/plate and can only leave the bag after being tagged by the preceding base runner.
  • If runner leaves early or misses a base they will be immediately stopped and returned to that base – clock running.


Champion Team = Best/lowest time (00:00)

  • Clock starts when first player at home plate commences to run.
  • Clock stops when last player touches home plate.


Pre-Game Pace Setters


  • 8 players: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF
  • 1 fungo hitter
  • 1 ball in use at any time – On any error (fielding or throwing) that remains in play – the ball must be retrieved and the play continued. If the ball leaves the field of play a new ball will be made available but the prior (errored) play must be repeated.
  • Each play must be successfully completed before progressing to the next play.
  • Coach is allowed three attempts to hit pop up. Pop up must be caught by the catcher inside the field of play or the third pop up attempt touches ground to stop the clock.


OF        1 x Throw to 2B – LF, CF, RF

1 x Throw to 3B – LF, CF, RF

1 x Throw to H – LF, CF, RF

IF         1 x Throw to tag @ H – 3B, SS, 2B, 1B

1 x Throw to 1B* – 3B, SS, 2B

1 x Double Play – 3B, SS, 2B, 1B

1 x Back Hand to 1B* – 3B, SS, 2B

  • x Slow Roller ** – 3B, SS, 2B, 1B

Pop Up – C

*1B does not field ground ball

** 1B throws slow roller to 3B


Champions team – Best/lowest time (00:00)

  • Clock Starts when Coach hits first ball.
  • Clock stops when catcher catches pop up or the third pop up attempt hits the ground.
  • The “hang time” of the best pop up attempt for each team will come off their total time.



Home Run Derby


  • Maximum two players per team
  • Hitters must have their own BP thrower
  • Each player has three outs – An out is any batted ball that is not a homerun.



Champion = most Home Runs in Round 2.

  • Elimination Format
  • Round 1: All nominated players
  • Round 2: Top four players
  • Total Homerun count resets each round.