As the transition between the summer and winter seasons looms, Baseball Queensland would like to draw attention to the BQ Suspension Policy, drawing attention to section 4.1 of their regulations. This directive, aimed at affiliate bodies, emphasises the necessity to recognise and enforce penalties from disciplinary tribunals conducted by other affiliated leagues and competitions.

Section 4.1 of the policy reads: “It is directed that affiliate bodies acknowledge and agree that they are required to recognize and enforce penalties handed down in all cases involving individual persons, teams, officials, clubs, or spectators by the disciplinary tribunals of all other organising bodies which are affiliated with Baseball Queensland.”

This move underscores Baseball Queensland’s commitment to upholding standards of conduct and fair play across all levels of the sport. With the impending transition between seasons, the organisation is keen on maintaining a cohesive disciplinary framework to ensure consistency and accountability.

The policy is set to be rigorously enforced as the baseball community prepares for the shift in seasons. Players, officials, clubs, and spectators are urged to familiarise themselves with the regulations to avoid any potential disciplinary actions.

Baseball Queensland remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering a positive and respectful environment within the sport, and the implementation of this suspension policy stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to these principles.