2023 Hall of Fame Candidates Revealed!


The eagerly awaited 2023 Hall of Fame Ballot is now well underway, following the completion of the Heritage Advisory Panel’s meticulous vetting and validating process. After careful consideration and evaluation, a selection of prominent candidates has emerged, representing the pinnacle of achievements in Queensland baseball history.

2023 Candidates

The candidates set to grace the 2023 Hall of Fame Ballot are: Fay Bettridge, Meredith Brealey, Karina Connors, Keith Land, Mal Mackay, Tammy McMillan, and Mark Ready. This diverse group of individuals has showcased extraordinary contributions to the sport of baseball in Queensland, leaving an indelible mark on the local and national baseball landscape.

Voting Panel

The next phase of this process will see the Voting Panel tasked with the responsibility of determining the next inductees into the Queensland Baseball Hall of Fame. Comprising various stakeholders from affiliated clubs and regions, as well as representative bodies such as the Queensland Baseball Umpires Association and the Queensland Baseball Scorers Committee, the Voting Panel represents the wide-reaching impact and influence of baseball across the state.

Moreover, the Brisbane Bandits, living Baseball Queensland Life Members, and living Baseball Queensland Hall of Fame members also form integral parts of the Voting Panel, ensuring a comprehensive and representative decision-making process.

Baseball Queensland will soon dispatch detailed information to all Voting Panel Members via email, providing them with the necessary instructions and access to the digital voting application. This platform will streamline the voting procedure, enhancing efficiency and transparency in the selection process.

To be inducted into the Baseball Queensland Hall of Fame, candidates must receive 75% of the total votes cast by the Voting Panel. Additionally, to ensure the validity of the ballot, it is required that at least 80% of the Voting Panel submits their votes.

In a bid to accommodate the diverse perspectives of the Panel Members, the electronic ballot allows for a range of choices. Members are encouraged to cast their votes in favour of any or all of the nominated candidates. Importantly, those who opt not to support any of the candidates are advised to utilise the “abstain” option on the electronic ballot paper. This will contribute to meeting the necessary 80% threshold for validating the poll.

The voting period will span seven days, providing Panel Members with ample time to assess the candidates’ achievements and contributions to the sport before casting their votes. The results will be closely monitored, and the inductees into the 2023 Queensland Baseball Hall of Fame will be announced shortly after the conclusion of the voting period and subsequently inducted into the Hall of Fame at the BQ Hall of Fame and Awards Dinner on 16 September 2023.

As the Queensland baseball community eagerly anticipates the forthcoming Hall of Fame inductees, this year’s nominees have already etched their names in the annals of baseball history. The tireless efforts, dedication, and passion demonstrated by these individuals have not only elevated the sport but have also left an enduring legacy for generations to come.

Current Hall of Fame