The QBUA will be running umpire assessments of club umpires throughout the 2020/21 season.

We are looking for the clubs to provide us with dates that will suit the club. We will then schedule one of those dates, and notify the club on which day the assessor will attend the club. This could be a Saturday covering junior games, or a Sunday for senior games.

All umpires working games that day will be assessed and will receive a post-game assessment. A written assessments will be sent to each umpire via email.

The assessments can also be for Community umpires requesting to be up graded to an Association level, QBUA must be notified before the day if an upgrade is being requested.

Note; Any upgrades approved, will be for the 2020/21 season only. To retain the upgraded accreditation the umpire will be required to attend an Association Umpire Course.