Exciting news for Queensland’s baseball scene, Baseball Queensland’s Performance Program Manager, Shayne ‘Wato’ Watson, has been named as the new Manager of the Brisbane Bandits, as long-time manager Dave Nilsson will depart for the US in 2024.  This significant move is an important moment between Baseball Queensland and the Bandits, making our relationship even stronger and promising to improve the sport’s presence in Queensland. Wato’s work and contribution within Baseball Queensland and Baseball Australia is inspiring, and his passion for the sport comes through when he is coaching and guiding athletes, ensuring that they reach their full potential.  

 Baseball Queensland’s CEO, Gareth Jones, expressed his enthusiasm for this news saying, “Shayne’s appointment as the Manager of the Brisbane Bandits is a game-changer for Queensland baseball. We believe Shayne’s exemplary work ethic, leadership and almost two decades’ experience coaching performance athletes will give both the Brisbane Bandits and Baseball Queensland the best opportunity to achieve lofty goals, inspiring young talent and driving us towards new horizons.”

 With Wato at the helm and the relationship between Baseball Queensland and the Brisbane Bandits stronger than ever, we can look forward to exciting times ahead. Together, we are poised to write a new chapter in the Queensland baseball story, making it a sport that continues to captivate and inspire.

 Read more about the announcement here: https://brisbanebandits.com.au/news/bandits-name-shayne-watson-as-manager/ 

Photo:  Brisbane Bandits