Baseball Queensland announces the resignation of Daniel Spiers from his role as Game Development Manager, effective 13 December 2023. Daniel has played a pivotal role in advancing the organisation’s mission to promote and develop baseball across Queensland.

During his tenure, Daniel made significant contributions to the growth of Baseball Queensland’s library of schools baseball resources. His collaborative and innovative approach have been instrumental in enhancing the quality and accessibility of educational materials for schools, thereby fostering a greater interest in the sport among students. Daniel launched the Baseball Ambassador program that recruits school teachers to deliver baseball sessions within their own schools and provides teachers with lesson plans and resources to support a growing number of teachers around Queensland.

Daniel has been a driving force behind the development of resources catering to individuals of all abilities. His commitment to inclusivity has been reflected in the creation of programs and materials that make baseball more accessible to people with diverse needs, ensuring that the sport is enjoyed by a broader spectrum of the community.

Furthermore, Daniel has been at the forefront of Baseball Queensland’s recruitment initiatives. His tireless efforts have played a crucial role in expanding the organisation’s reach and attracting new participants to the sport. During Daniel’s tenure, recruitment programs have flourished, contributing to the overall growth and popularity of baseball across Queensland.

The Board and staff at Baseball Queensland express their deepest gratitude to Daniel Spiers for his unwavering dedication, passion, and transformative contributions to the organisation. His legacy will endure through the lasting impact he has made on the development of baseball in Queensland. We wish Daniel all the best in his future endeavours.

Baseball Queensland will now begin the search for a suitable candidate to fill the Game Development Manager role and continue the momentum generated by Daniel Spiers. The organisation remains committed to the promotion and advancement of baseball at all levels, building on the strong foundation laid by Mr. Spiers during his time with Baseball Queensland.