Baseball Queensland (BQ) is proud to announce its’ partnership with QSports Medicine.

Qsports Medicine is the largest sports medicine clinic in Brisbane. It is involved closely with a wide variety of high-profile sporting organizations.

QSports Medicine specialists have received specialist training in sports and exercise medicine, treating recreation and elite athletes, as well as patients with non-sports related musculoskeletal disorders. Sports and Exercise Medicine training includes how medical problems may impact on activity e.g. asthma and which medications to use.

QSports Medicine promotes injury prevention (essential in junior sport), has an evidence-based approach and a multi-disciplinary team care. Other aspects that are involved in our specialty includes musculoskeletal injections, ASADA responsibilities, baseline testing e.g. concussion and specialized testing for diagnosis of difficult musculoskeletal problems.

QSports also is involved in workplace and military medicine. A doctor’s referral for the sports physicians (not registrars) is not essential but highly recommended as it may make further investigation significantly cheaper.

The partnership between BQ and QSports Medicine will see Baseball Queensland’s members have access to the very best in medical services, a 25% discount will be given off the consultation fee of the treating doctor.

Baseball Queensland CEO, Paul Gonzalez is excited to have Queensland Baseballers connected to the very best care.

“Baseball Queensland is excited to partner with Qsports Medicine Clinic, BQ vision is in Building a better future for baseball and Qsports Medicine Clinic enables us to continue to not only focus on supporting our athletes on field but offield as well”

BQ looks forward to the continued development of our partnership with QSports Medicine Clinic and will continue to leverage opportunities to support all our members into the future.

Dr. Richard Brown shared his thoughts about the partnership between QSports and Baseball Queensland.

“QSports is very proud to be associated with Baseball Queensland. We aim to
give baseball members the best of care, a safe environment and the ability to enjoy a wonderful sport.”

To connect with the Qsports Medicine please see the details below: