Following the announcement of the cancellation of the 2021 Australian Youth Championships (U16 and U18 AYC’s), every state will be hosting their ‘in house’ event throughout January. Baseball QLD will be running their event on 14th – 19th January 2021 at All Stars Baseball Club, Bannister Park. This event will have our selected QLD squad’s face off against each other. Both programs have already commenced their preparation and will continue through the Christmas School Holidays. Each age group will be split into two (2) teams and compete against one another in a seven (7) game series throughout our QLD event. In addition to the seven (7) game series will be our inaugural QLD Showcase Day, with all selected players going through their paces in an on field baseball-specific testing session.

Given the flexibility of this event, every game will be using new technology that Baseball QLD has recently sourced and is currently being used within our Pathway Programs. Every pitch at bat will be recorded on Rapsodo along with high-speed footage being taken. All hitters will be using Blast Motion sensors along with every pitcher having access to Motus Sleeve sensors. Everyone is looking forward to this event whilst having access to this state of the art technology available to them.

QLD U16 and U18 Showcase Event


Thursday, 14th January (Testing Day)

  • U16: 8:00
  • U18: 14:00


Friday, 15th January

  • U16 Game: 15:00
  • U18 Game: 18:30


Saturday, 16th January

  • U16 Double Header: 8:00
  • U18 Double Header: 13:00


Sunday 17th January

  • U18 Double Header: 8:00
  • U16 Double Header: 13:00


Monday 18th January

  • U16 Game: 8:00
  • U18 Game: 11:00


Tuesday 19th January

  • U16 Game: 15:00
  • U18 Game: 18:30