Newly appointed High Performance Manager Shayne Watson is delighted to release the Baseball Queensland player pathway will look like for the immediate future.

Watson, who has been working within the Baseball Queensland (BQ) player pathway for 13 years is excited to tailer design our High Performance (HP) and Athlete Development Program (ADP). His previous role as Junior Elite Program manager was the latest step in widening his understanding of the holistic approach needed to build healthy, passionate baseballers.

BQ’s Athlete Development and High-Performance programs are listed on our website in detail. Here is a quick summary of how the programs look.

U13s Athlete Development Progam. (Pilot Program)
A new program for 2019 aiming to give little league aged players in-game experience across a wide range of positions. This will run between July and October.

Junior League Athlete Development Program
This program aims to develop the fundamental aspects of baseball whilst engaging the athlete to also increase their knowledge and critical thinking. This program will run between July to August.

Athlete Development Program (U16, U18 and Women)
This program is the entry stage into the BQ High-Performance pathway and is used as quality preparation for the summer season. This program runs from July to September.

QLD Bandits State Team (U16, U18, Youth Women and Open Women)
Another long term athlete development program that tailors to equipping those selecting within our state representative sides competing at National Championships. These programs run periodically based on the timing of National Championships.

State Squad Performance Program (U16, U18, U20 and Women)
This program aims to develop our athletes in preparation for marquee events (Nations, ABL, International College etc). The Long term athlete development program is aimed at our high-performance athletes and runs throughout the year.

As baseball continues to strengthen within our state our focus continues to build a better future for baseball. We are excited about our new athlete development programs to start this year and will continue to inform of new opportunities that are created for more athletes to engage in.