Baseball QLD would like to congratulate all players selected from the draft that was conducted on Friday, 3 September 2021. The players selected will participate in the inaugural Futures League competition scheduled to start on Wednesday, 15 September 2021. Congratulations also to the assistant coaches that have now been appointed, we look forward to the entire coaching staff leading their respective teams with the extensive knowledge and experience.

Baseball QLD thanks all players who submitted their expressions of interest, with each team roster of 16 players this meant that there would be players that are not be selected through the draft process. Continue with your development and working hard, you will get your opportunity soon.

Baseball QLD Director of Game Development, Mr David Badke commented that “it is very exciting to see the Futures League come together, and I look forward to the competition getting underway. We had over 100 players submit an expression of interest, which is a fantastic response that indicates to me that our local players are looking for more opportunities at a higher level to showcase themselves, Badke said.

I would also like to thank all the people involved in the Futures League working group for all the hard work they have put in to bring this together, competitions like this can’t happen without great people, Badke said.