Baseball Queensland is excited to announce a new sponsorship partnership with The Ready Towing Group for the inaugural Futures League Competition.

The Futures League is a high-level competition that is designed to create pathways into the next level of baseball for elite level players whether they be domestic or overseas. The Ready Towing Group has been a long-standing supporter for Baseball in Queensland and being part of the inaugural Futures League Competition contributing to the players aged 16-26 who have been drafted into the teams is great news.

Mr Mark Ready, of Ready Towing stated “The Futures League has been a long-standing dream for us and to see Baseball Qld finally turn the dream into reality is very exciting.  We will stand shoulder to shoulder with BQ not only as the Brisbane Bandits but also financially as Ready Towing. Anything that continues to grow our sport in this state and country has our support. This initiative over the next few years will have a major impact on our athletes and deliver them real opportunities in baseball.” Ready said.

Programs like this could not be delivered without the continued support of businesses such as The Ready Towing Group, once again we thank them for their support.