The Greater Brisbane League (GBL) Competition Committee is seeking expressions of interest for appointment as a member of its competition Judiciary. The Judiciary’s primary role is to investigate behavioral complaints about GBL members in the course of the GBL Baseball Competition and, where appropriate, administer penalties. The GBL Committee will be selecting a register of 5-6 members from which a panel of three will make up the Judiciary for each matter. The Committee is seeking candidates for and will also be selecting a new Judiciary Chairperson. Our previous Chairperson is not able to do this job for the new summer 2021/2022 summer baseball season.

The positions available are volunteer-based and out-of-office hours are to be expected. Work includes both consultation over email and, in some cases, hearings. Hearings are ordinarily scheduled on Thursday evenings at Sportshouse, Milton, but may be scheduled at any time determined by the Chairperson. The workload will be shared by the members.

– The GBL Judiciary Procedures are published as an Appendix to the GBL Competition Rules which can be downloaded from the Baseball Queensland website.
– While it is difficult to estimate the workload of the Judiciary in advance, the past two seasons have had approximately 15 referrals over the 20 week season with less than 50% proceeding to a hearing.

Minimum Criteria/Qualifications
1. For the role of Chairperson, the GBL Committee is seeking someone who has legal experience and is independent of any GBL Club.

2. Other members of the Judiciary may be associated with GBL Clubs (although independent persons are preferred) but will be excluded where conflicts arise. Baseball experience in any capacity is favourable but not essential. The GBL Judiciary Procedures contain important processes which need to be followed. It is expected that successful applicants will be able to readily interpret and implement the Procedures.

Expressions of interest should outline the applicant’s background, experience and/or qualifications and any existing or previous club affiliations. These should be sent to the GBL Chair (Matt Glasson) at by 5 pm Friday, 16th July 2021.

GBL Competition Committee