On behalf of Baseball Queensland, I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone involved in the 2019 David Nilsson Little League, Little league Division 2, Junior League, Junior League Division 2 and Senior League State Titles.

BQ wish to acknowledge the efforts of all the coaches, staff and teams that competed at this year’s State Titles.   The future of the game was represented well over the weekends by all our competitors.  Its’ strength was shown not only through the high-performance outcomes but also how the players/coaches worked together, competed, built relationships, respected the game and showed character throughout the competition.

The strategic pillars for Baseball Queensland are to Grow our People, Grow our Game, Grow our Brand & Grow our Business.  The 2019 State Titles saw the collective efforts of so many individuals within the Regions make contributions for positive outcomes for the sport.  BQ had team participation high’s with three (3) David Nilsson Little League teams, eight (8) Little League Div. 2 teams, five (5) Junior League Div. 1 teams, six (6) Junior League Div. 2 teams and two (2) Senior League teams to make up a total of twenty-four (24) teams. The tournament also had highs in female participation figures with over thirty-seven (37) girls of the three hundred and sixty-four (364) participants over the three State Title events.

BQ has seen continued growth within the four key pillars within the sport because of these efforts.  It has been BQ’s privilege to work with the individuals within the Regions, Clubs, Umpires, Scorekeepers and volunteers of this great game.  Through your collective approach for positive outcomes, Baseball watched twenty-four (24) teams, three-hundred & sixty-four (364) athletes and over one-hundred and eighty (180) staff/volunteers contributed to successful events.

Firstly, I would like to thank Rod Gaunt, President of Western Bulldogs Baseball Club, Sharon Teakle, President of Runcorn Indians Baseball Club, Andrew Gallpen, President Southern Stars Baseball Club and their committees for their tireless and selfless work and efforts in hosting the 2019 Baseball Queensland State Titles. There is no State Titles’ competition without quality individuals making decisions and putting in the countless hours of work behind the scenes. Thank you for your commitment, passion and efforts to enable BQ to host a successful event.

Secondly, I would like to thank our Regional and Club Presidents, committees, umpires, scorers, grounds crew, volunteers, parents and families. There is a multitude of people that work day in day out to ensure we have a quality competition for our competitors. Without you, the future of baseball doesn’t have an opportunity to develop and grow.  BQ recorded over one-hundred & eighty (180) staff and volunteers to support the success of each event.

Baseball Queensland’s State Titles are successful because of the passion of each individual and we acknowledge and thank you all for making our game great. As we continue to build a better future for baseball, we are continually reminded of the dedication of the individuals who play their part to build a great future for the player, club, region and state.  As CEO of Baseball Queensland, I am proud to be a part of an amazing group of individuals.  The collective efforts of the team will enable this game to not only remain sustainable but also grow into the future.

Thank you to everyone involved but most of all thank you to everyone for supporting Baseball Queensland vision of “Building a Better Future for Baseball.”