As CEO of Baseball Queensland and on behalf of the Board of Management, I would like to acknowledge the teams who have played at the 2019 Little League, Junior League and Senior League Nationals.

Congratulations to the players, coaches and staff for representing your regions and our state with passionate baseball, maximum effort and high-quality sportsmanship. We continue to hear reports that our young baseballers are held in high on and off the field and we are thrilled to see our teams grow in their knowledge of the game and compete at the national level.

Thank you to the parents who continually support their children to pursue their dreams of playing baseball throughout local, regional, state and national levels. Your dedication and sacrifice are always acknowledged and appreciated.

As CEO of Baseball Queensland, I am proud of all the players and teams who through our state titles tournaments have taken up the experience of playing at a national level and I am sure that these individuals will come back to their clubs with a deeper knowledge of the game and themselves.

Congratulations to Brisbane Metro for taking out the silver medal in the Australian Senior League Championships.

Congratulations to Gold Coast Cougars for placing 4th and to Brisbane Metro for placing 11th at the Australian Junior League Championships.

Congratulations to Gold Coast Cougars for placing 5th and to Brisbane North for placing 16th at the Australian Little League Championships.

Paul Gonzalez
Baseball Queensland Inc.

Building a better future for baseball.