Baseball Queensland is an organisation that has a strong community and family focus. Our success depends on how we support our people. Baseball Queensland is seeking applications for persons interested in joining the Board of Baseball Queensland to fill a Casual Vacancy for the position of Director – Membership Services.

The successful applicant will be appointed by the BQ Board under the terms of the BQ Constitution – Item 3.8 CASUAL VACANCIES ON THE BOARD OF MANAGEMENT.
The skills we are seeking for the person appointed are as follows:-

  •  Identify and arrange delivery of volunteer education re club management & governance
  • Liaise between clubs and staff for the delivery of services
  • Develop grass-roots growth- and capacity-building strategy for clubs
  • Identify and assist with membership tools such as registration portal
  • Liaise with Director Finance to review membership fees
  • Assist with Grant applications & Strategic Plans

The possible sub-committees to fall under this portfolio are as follows

Suggested Sub-Committees:

  • Governance
  • Other

Your commitment to this role will be attendances at a monthly Board meeting, regular discussions with Board members via electronic media, attending to the Membership Services portfolio and managing sub-committees as required. A copy of the BQ Director skills matrix is linked to this communication. Please email your written application for this position to Gareth Jones stating your skills and experiences that may be appropriate for this position.

Click here for Director Skills Matrix Questionnaire

Nominations close June 16