Changes for the 2024/2025 Membership Year

Changes for the 2024/2025 Membership Year

$200 FairPlay Vouchers are Still Available!

The allocation hasn’t been exhausted yet – but they’re expected to run out by mid-August, so secure your voucher now.

You don’t need to claim them instantly, so grab one and then hold onto it – they can be redeemed up until June 30, 2025, so you can use them for a Summer OR Winter season!

Increased from $150 to $200 with 150,000 vouchers available for ANY child aged 5-17.

Find out more below:


How to process FairPlay vouchers:

  • Clubs will be required to setup an individual coupon code for each member who wishes to register with a FairPlay voucher.
  • Where club fees do not meet the $200 amount, please reach out to to discuss potentials for capturing the full value.

Capitations Released (Membership Fees Released)

This year, there have been a few changes for the upcoming season to make the registration process through Game Day even easier.

The approved capitations are shown below and have been added to Game Day.


The changes for this year:

  • Replacement of the GBL Womens only Season with the Female Adult Seniors product (one fee for the whole year)
  • Removal of the GBL Womens 10-week Short Season – which wasn’t used last year.
  • Removal of the SQWBL specific fee to increase compatibility between membership types throughout the year.
  • A $3 Baseball Australia fee increase and a $5 Baseball Queensland fee increase (our first increase in 2-years!)

These fees have been finalised for the full September 1st 2024 to August 31st 2025 period, which means that our Winter leagues are able to determine their fees now for next year if they wish.


How does the new Female Adult Seniors Product work?
Using the ‘Filter’ menu, clubs can select a fee specifically for Females.

The positives of the new Female Adult Seniors product:

  • Simple single fee available for all females to cover the entire membership year (access to Summer, Winter seasons, no additional tournament registrations to compete in Womens or Masters State Titles)
  • Reduced BQ fee to encourage female participation

Our current membership split is 81% Male to 19% Female. Therefore, female registrations are approximately $30 cheaper. As the percentage approaches a more even split between the two genders, the discount will reduce.


Clarification for Masters Program Fee
  • Masters memberships are for members 50+, Baseball Queensland has made this change to align with Baseball Australia
  • Members purchasing the Masters BA/BQ capitation will only be eligible to play in Masters competitions. (GBL Masters Div 1, 2, 3, GCBA Masters (Winter), Masters State Titles, etc.) and will need to use 2024/2025 Baseball Queensland Masters Competition Form (#115823) .
  • Players aged 50+ who wish to play in other competitions (Adult Seniors Divisions) will need to purchase an Adult Seniors membership on the 2024/2025 Baseball Australia Membership Registration Form (#115072).
  • Club fees don’t affect capitations/insurance, and as such, clubs are free to continue discounting memberships for 35+ if they wish to do so

This membership type is classed as a ‘Program‘ membership.

For more information on the capitation products, please visit the Resources page. The document is located under the ‘Fees’ tab.

SQWBL fee Removal?
In previous years, a discounted fee was offered to assist in the establishment and early growth of the Southern Queensland Winter Baseball League.

The league has managed sustained growth year-on-year, and with changes to the function of the GameDay registration system, some changes have been forced.

We will be working with SQWBL in the lead up to the Winter 2025 season to ensure that we deliver a seamless registration experience for new and existing members while still supporting the growth of the competition in years to come!

Game Day

Follow the 2024/2025 setup steps for your club, region or competition on the Game Day page here:


Attention: Greater Brisbane League (GBL) Clubs

Thanks to changes made via Baseball Australia over the past 12 months, we have been able to deactivate the duplicate clubs we used for the GBL competition last year.

This means no more player transfers between two version of a single club – all of your teams are accessible in the same place that your players register – less confusion!

The only caveat to this process is that GBL need to create the teams from their side (and assign them to your club). We will release further details of this once confirmed, expecting that this will occur in August in preparation for team nominations to be finalised.

Volunteer Blue Card – New BQ Policy

ALL volunteers within Baseball Queensland, it’s clubs and regions will require a current and active Blue Card moving forward.

Please see the new policy here, or follow the link to begin your Blue Card application:


Game Plan – Baseball Australia Requirement

For the 2024/2025 Season, it is a requirement that ALL Clubs create an account on Game Plan and complete their Club Profile.

We would encourage our Regions to also create an account as the self assessment tools will still relate to your level and may provide opportunities for improvements that you can share with your clubs and implement as a collective!

Failure to meet targets may result in lower funding for Baseball Queensland, necessitating higher capitations for upcoming membership years, so pretty please create your accounts.


Brisbane Bandits Club Connect

We’re working with the Brisbane Bandits to build better connections between our Clubs and our local Australian Baseball League team!

Stay tuned for more information on the program and how the Brisbane Bandits can get involved with your club.


Queensland Little League Girls’ State Titles

Queensland Little League Girls’ State Titles

Queensland Little League Girls’ State Titles Set for Ipswich Musketeers Baseball Club, Ipswich – 19 and 20 April.

Ipswich Musketeers Baseball Club, Ipswich is gearing up to host an electrifying showdown as the Queensland Little League Girls’ State Titles takes center stage on April 19th and 20th. This eagerly anticipated event will see two formidable teams go head-to-head in a three-game series.

Gold Coast prepare to face off against a combined Brisbane team in what is expected to be a fiercely contested battle. With both teams boasting talented rosters, spectators can anticipate a thrilling showcase of skill and determination in Ipswich.

The tournament’s schedule is as follows:

Game 1: Friday, April 19th – 7:00 PM

The excitement kicks off on Friday evening as the Gold Coast team squares off against the combined Brisbane squad in the first game of the series. Fans can expect a high-energy atmosphere as players take to the field, eager to make an early statement and secure a crucial victory.

Game 2: Saturday, April 20th – 10:00 AM

The action continues on Saturday afternoon with the second game of the series scheduled for 10:00 AM. As tensions rise and the competition intensifies, both teams will be vying for supremacy in a bid to gain the upper hand and edge closer to clinching the series and a spot at the Little League Girls’ National Championships.

Decider (if required): Saturday, April 20th – TBA PM

Should the series be deadlocked after the first two games, a thrilling decider will take place after Game 2 on Saturday afternoon. With everything on the line, players will leave it all on the field as they battle for glory and the title of tournament champions.

Baseball enthusiasts and supporters are encouraged to head to Ipswich on April 19th and 20th to cheer on their favourite teams and witness the next generation of talent in action. With thrilling matchups and unforgettable moments in store, the Queensland Little League Girls’ State Titles is not to be missed.

Preparing for Recruitment Season

Preparing for Recruitment Season

How Should you approach your next recruitment season?

The recruitment process is your clubs biggest opportunity each year. It’s an opportunity for growth, for investment, for identification of volunteers – it’s everything. It is the setup for your season in every way.

An effective recruitment period will be well planned and delegated. A recruitment ‘committee’ with each person responsible for a specific and independent function. Any shared tasks are completed early and together where possible, with review points throughout the delivery of your recruitment process.

This article is intended to step through the Recruitment process, including ensuring your club has a basic digital presence, how best to approach planning, what strategies you can implement (including School Clinics), leading into Conversion Events (Come and Try days, galas, scrimmage games and pre-season trainings) as well as ensuring that you’re best positioned to convert registrations.

Want Even more Reading? Start with the 2023/24 Summer Recruitment Review

Start by Evaluating your Clubs Digital Presence

What does that even mean?

The world is continually becoming more technology centered. In fact, in 2021, there was an average of 20.5 internet-connected devices per household in Australia – with forecasts indicating that number could reach 33.8 by 2025. [Source]

Your club should be digitally accessible. This means that a new member can gather all the details they need to make an informed decision within a few clicks.


Your website is a funnel – 20% of members in SEQ for the 2023/24 season found Baseball through Social Media and Search Engines – you want to be able to capture that 20%. You don’t need anything fancy for your website but it does need to be easy to read and easy to use.

There’s a number of resources available for you to review when setting up your Club’s website. The Communications Planner and Websites pages on Club Hub have content breakdowns and the Checklist allows you to make adjustments to your existing website – or form a basis for development of a new one.



Can your committee easily and readily share information as needed? Can any committee member find answers to questions they receive?

Look to acquire a Not-for-Profit license to Office365 or Google Workspace to provide your club with email addresses (you can use your domain! e.g. and online file storage.

Ensure your pages are up-to-date with the appropriate contact details and link direct to the registration information page of your website.

If you have any passionate videographers or media students, consider asking them to setup a TikTok page and create content for the club. This helps them build a portfolio, and your club to build an online presence.

The Initial Plan

The main goal with your initial plan is defining a timeline and a budget. The rest can be filled in as you progress.

This is where you identify your team and allocate responsibilities or define areas each volunteer is interested in assisting with.

Recruitment Strategies

This is the key section.

The strategies that you utilise will define how wide your reach (how many people see your advertising) and what age groups you’ll see attending your Come and Try days.

Digital Strategies

Sending Emails – Existing Members

Game Day is your database and you’ve got hundreds of contacts. Utilise your existing member base as your first point of contact when setting up for a new season.

Initial email allows you to do one of two things: Offer Early Bird Registration Discounts and seek Volunteers to assist with recruitment activities. You may even offer discounted fees based on volunteering.

Investigate doing a Newsletter – you decide the frequency – but the goal is keeping your members in the loop on projects and activities around the club, building a sense of community and inclusion. Demonstrate changes and feedback that’s been taken on board.

Satisfied members will increase your membership through word of mouth too, so don’t leave them out.

Responding to Emails – New Members

Ensure that you have someone responding to emails!! The contact details included with recruitment information should be someone responsive. Not everyone will contact you via phone call.

Provide relevant information and invite them to attend pre-season events.

Check that your Website is Up-to-date

Make sure that your website is up-to-date with the next season’s information – updated fees, any changes to age groups, game times, etc.

Update the Banner on your Home Page to display upcoming Come and Try days or advertise that registrations for the next season are now open. Link to your Registrations Information page. 

Social Media

Ensure your pages are up-to-date with the appropriate contact details and link direct to the registration information page of your website.

If you have any passionate videographers or media students, consider asking them to setup a TikTok page and create content for the club. This helps them build a portfolio, and your club to build an online presence.

PAID Advertising. It works, trust me.

Pine Hills dropped approximately $500 into the below ad and it paid off. Pine Hills expanded to 15 teams across T-Ball, Rookie Ball and Little Leagues Division 1-3 this year.

The Pine Hills ad works especially well because it’s simple, eye catching and presents the most important information in the image, backed up by a bit more of a text based description.

You don’t have to drop $500, you can still run a decently effective campaign with 1/5th ($100).

Traditional Media

This is still an advertising method!

Build contacts and get feel-good stories written about successes within your club, a long-time volunteer, a junior with big dreams, or a player who dedicates their time to the community (RFS, SES, Emergency Services, etc.). Newspaper, Radio, TV, they’re all still options if you present a good enough story!

Take advantage of council-owned billboards at Community Centres or Public Spaces, Public Signage, Billboards, Community Notice Boards. (e.g. in your local Coles or supermarket, Community centres, PCYC)


Physical Strategies

School Engagement

Schools present a major opportunity for engagement:

  • School Newsletters
  • Accessing Schools Local Business Networks
  • School Clinics

Baseball Queensland now has the School Ambassador Program, so reach out to to see if we’ve got contacts at a school near you.

Schools have newsletters and local networks that you may be able to take advantage of to get your message out to the community. Please be weary, some schools charge for space in their newsletters.

School Clinics are a surefire way of getting in front of potential members. Aim to target grades 1-4, as these translate well into your T-Ball, Rookie Ball age groups. You can push up to Year 6, which is Little League as well. High Schools typically result in much lower conversion rates but if an opportunity arises, take advantage of it!

Please check out the BQ School Clinics Doc linked under the photo. Each club is offered 5 days of BQ-staffed clinics each year, you organise the clinic and we’ll organise the staff.

Make sure to work with our Game Development Manager to ensure that we can staff your clinics. Historically clubs organise their clinics last minute and all for the same dates.


Community Engagement


  • Engaging local community groups, such as PCYCs
    • Delivering programs with local PCYCs
  • Building relationships with organisers of local markets, fairs, fetes and shopping centres
    • Attend markets, fairs and fetes to get your name and brand out there, these can also be effective fundraising tools as well
  • Building relationships with organisations interested in entering corporate teams
    • Some organisations fully fund or subsidise their staff to play in community sport, so you may get a few players or an entire sponsored team.
  • Partner with another local sports club (alternate season)
    • Special offers for partner club players.
  • Build relationships with local Universities or Tafe Campuses
    • Offer discounted registrations for students
    • Potential to look at a full team of students as well

The opportunities are truly endless, partnerships can develop into sponsorships if handled correctly.

Take Advantage of Council Opportunities
  • Signage, billboards and community centres are great ways of getting (usually free) visibility
  • Local politicians are great for advertising, but are also integral to develop relationships with (funding!)

Some councils offer programs or host events that your club can utilise to reach the local community.

Logan City Council run a KRANK program – which encourages community organisations to provide low-cost activities during school holidays.

Townsville City Council run a Get Active Sign On day each year where your club can setup a stall and advertise to residents looking for their next sporting club.

Conversion Events

All the progress and hard work can go out the window at this step. Converting to a paid registration has to be an extremely simple process. If you make people jump through too many hoops, they’ll simply stop jumping.

The Basics around Registrations

Accept online registrations as soon as you can. Once BA and BQ have locked in their fees, your club fees should be locked, loaded and ready to go.

Offer direct links to your registration form on at least:

  • Your website (Registration Info page)
  • Your social media (Pinned posts + QR code in your Cover Photo)

Do not require players to fill out EOI forms just to receive a link to your registration form. This really only applies when you’re running a program that’s outside of your normal registration products where you need to gauge interest to know if the program is proceeding.

Alternatively, EOI forms are useful if capitations have not yet been posted but you’d like to start preparing for the season.

Conversion Events

Now you might be asking why I keep referring to them as Conversion Events and not Come and Try days, and that’s because a Come and Try day is just one of your options.

The Tips:

  • Run multiple events in the lead up to the season
  • Try to run some events that target specific demographics
    • g. T-Ball/Rookie Ball, Little League, Seniors, Womens and Masters
    • Cater each event to the target demographic – you might have additional fun activities for the Juniors, or the bar open for the Seniors, Masters and Womens (a meet your teammates style get together and try out)
  • Cover different timeslots where possible
    • Some people are available weekends, some are best for weeknights – cater to everyone

Come and Try Days

These are the standard, and you can make them as luxurious or basic as you like.

Variety of options across different times and days and targeted participation opportunities for Womens, Masters and Juniors.

Aiming to make people feel as comfortable as possible. Use role models from those specific markets – Female Players at Womens Come and Try days, etc.

View the Come and Try Guide by clicking the button below.

Pre-Season Carnivals and Festivals

In 2023, Townsville ran a Baseball Festival which included fun games of T-Ball, Baseball5, Skills and Drills, Home Run Derby and a Movie on the Infield.

This is the perfect way of getting old and new members down, same place, low pressure with a fun social element.

Pre-Season Scrimmage and Trainings

You can only run Come and Try days for so long, luckily Social Media advertising can be extended as needed.

You can target specific age groups to fill those final spots on teams and have players attend pre-season scrimmage games and trainings.

Idea for scrimmage games: Baseball with a Buddy

New players partnered with experienced players to learn positions in a mock-game.



Baseball Queensland is available to assist you in your recruitment planning and processes.

Game Development Manager

The Game Development Manager can assist in the organisation and staffing of School Clinics and running community based programs, such as partnerships with PCYC.

Club Support Coordinator

Nick Wyllie, the Club Support Coordinator, is happy to be super involved. He is able to provide your club with adaptable Canva templates for Social Media, Posters and other Media uses. Guide you on establishing Social Media marketing, seeking website hosting and design and more. Reach out and see where and how he can assist you.

Grant Support: Gambling Community Benefit Fund Application Walkthrough

Grant Support: Gambling Community Benefit Fund Application Walkthrough

Grant Applications Can be Daunting – so Let’s step through it together!

This is a summary of the information required to complete a Gambling Community Benefit Fund application. The GCBF is one of the easier grants to apply for, as the amount of detail required during the application process is minimal (when compared to certain other grants).

That doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to get funding when you apply, and it certainly doesn’t mean that the application process is going to take you a few hours.

For the best chance of success, you will still need to prepare and review your application in advance.

The information within this article is accurate as of January 2024.

Key to remember: If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. A rushed application will be very clear. Grants are typically awarded to projects that are ready to go.

What is the Gambling Community Benefit Fund?

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) distributes approximately $60 million each year across 4x rounds. This grant is funded by Queensland gambling taxes.

Currently, these rounds consist of a $100,000 Super Round in February, and $35,000 Standard Rounds in May, August and October.

As incorporated entities, all current Baseball clubs and regions within Queensland are eligible to apply for funding through this grant.

You are able to apply the grant to a wide variety of projects, including events, equipment, facility improvements, marketing, installation of solar and machinery or vehicles.

As with most grants, you cannot apply for funding for items purchased prior to the approval of the grant, fees for services, operating costs or for use generating income.

Currently, the selection committee prioritises applications in order of top to bottom.

  1. Items/facilities directly affected, damaged or destroyed by a declared natural disaster in the last 2 years.
  2. Equipment or facility improvements
  3. Buses, cars, caravans, boats, tractors, trailers, large mowers, motorbikes and similar items.
  4. Community events, training, workshops, festivals, publications and website development.
  5. Organisations that have received more than $15,000 from the GCBF within the last 2 years.

For more information, please view the full guidelines linked below.

Step 1: Register to the Online Grants Portal or Update your Details

If your club/region does not have an account:

If your club/region already has an account:

Upon logging into the JAG Portal, you will be prompted to update your organisation’s details.

Ensure that this page is as up-to-date as possible, this includes updating:

  • Organisation Contact
  • Financial Position
    • Date of last audited financials
    • Income
    • Expenditure
    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    • Cash at Bank
    • Investments
  • Club Bank Details
    • This bank verification form must be completed. Click here.
  • Organisation Overview if not previously completed
  • Organisation President and Accountable Officer details

Step 2: Completing the APplication

Page 1

The first page of the application process is where you confirm your club details – this includes your Incorporated Organisation Number, Name, ABN and GST registration status.

You can search for your organisation number here:

You can search for your club’s ABN and GST status by searching the Government’s ABN Lookup page:

GST Status will be shown next to the “Goods & Services Tax (GST):” item under “ABN details.”

Page 2

Fill out your Application Contact Person and select whether or not you’re providing a financial or in-kind contribution to accompany this application.

Financial or in-kind contributions are generally required for grants and demonstrate value for money, need and commitment towards what you’re requesting money for. Contributions are not required for Gambling Community Benefit Fund applications, but if you have some spare cash and want to improve your chances, it is recommended.

Please note, when applying the contribution, you must exclude the contributed amount from the total. For example, if you’re seeking a masterplan for $50,000 and you’re contributing $15,000, you’ll only be requesting $35,000.

Page 3

This page identifies what you’re seeking funding for;

You’ll need to select the ‘Requested Item Category’ and you must list each item separately.

You don’t need brand names/specific product models/names/numbers, just a clear and concise item description.

If your club is registered for GST, list the item cost without GST included. (GST Exclusive)

If your club isn’t registered for GST, list the item cost with GST included. (GST Inclusive)


If any of the items you’re requesting are for a community event or workshop, select yes and designate what date the event will be held and whether or not it’s an annual event.

Be aware that the proposed event date must come after the outcome of the funding round is announced. In 2023, the February Super Round outcomes were delayed – try to avoid identifying a date within 6 months of the closing date.

It should also be noted that Priority 4 (Community events, training, workshops, festivals, publications and website development) are less likely to be funded. A large majority of funding is allocated to Priorities 1 and 2 each year.

Facility Improvements

Identify whether or not any of the items requested are for facility improvements.

Whether or not your organisation, another not-for-profit or council/government owns the property.

Page 4

Page 4 is the core of the application, so I’ve split it from the above accordion into slightly more detailed sections.


Defining the Benefit

How will the application benefit your organisation and the community?

Utilise the grant Guidelines to best sum up how your application will benefit the community.

Engage emotionally without telling a sob story – emphasise the outcomes, not just the literal opportunity for players to use the equipment, but the social benefit of you delivering baseball, delivering a sport. Keep it simple, your application and its outcomes should be clear and identifiable within a few sentences. Where possible, back up your answers with research, specific data and documentation.

Social connectedness, more opportunity for physical activity, improved public greenspace, inclusivity…

Potential Examples;

“The purchase of equipment will support the delivery of baseball, providing expanded capacity for participation”

“Requested equipment will directly benefit 330 players and 45 volunteers within suburb(s) and indirectly benefits the 6 clubs and 12 teams that travel to our facility to play each weekend. These members are heavily reliant on appropriate equipment. Based on historic data, our player retention and satisfaction is highest when delivering high quality training programs which are heavily reliant on the appropriate itemised equipment requested. Satisfied members encourage their friends, family and surrounding community to become members of our club. Driving participation and physical activity within our local community.”

“The proposed facility improvements increase accessibility as per X Australian Standards and enable participation in new market segments”

Externals and Income

Will this application provide benefit to more than one not-for-profit organisation, if successful?

Example: “Our club shares it’s facility with the local softball association, a majority of the requested equipment can be utilised by the softball club for their regular activities. Our region also utilises our facility and equipment to deliver regular representative team trials and trainings. This equipment will also be utilised to deliver programs and clinics with local schools.”

Will this application provide an opportunity for your organisation to generate income if successful?

Example: “We will be enabled to deliver market stalls at community gala days, anticipating a greater number of people interested in playing the sport. It will also provide enhanced experiences and increase the likelihood of retention of existing participants. Generating income, in both cases, through membership fees.”

Have you applied for funding for budget items listed in this application from any other sources?

Make sure you’re aware, the GCBF cannot be used to help with generating income, essentially, ensure that income generation isn’t the primary purpose for the project, it may however, be a secondary or side benefit:

  • help with generating income
    • subsidies (i.e. using the grant to acquire or gain eligibility for other grants or contributions)
    • sponsorship (i.e. using the grant to secure sponsorship for the organisation).
Natural Disaster

Is this application being submitted as a result of your organisation being affected by a natural disaster within the last two years?

I’m not sure what other questions may pop up when you click yes, but declared natural disasters are listed here:

Members and User Groups

How many paying members does your organisation currently have?

Note: paying – this constitutes players, you could include paying social members as well.

How many people access your organisations facilities or services annually?

They’re asking for an estimate, try to be accurate but don’t go overboard (or undersell).

If you want to calculate, look towards 1x spectator per child and .5x spectators per adult for each team you host.

Ensure to add in events numbers that you’ve hosted and factor in usage by other user groups as well.

What geographical area does your organisation cover?

Organisation Service Type


All referees listed may be contacted. Referees cannot be management committee members or accountable officer. Referees can’t be members of your organisation’s management committee, family members of the management committee, or people or businesses who will receive payment if the grant is approved.

They may be contacted at any time, so ensure they’re aware that you’ve named them as Referees and ensure that they have a basic understanding of what you’re applying for and what your organisation represents.

Page 5

You’re almost done – make sure that you’ve proof-read your application, ideally, you’ve also had someone else look over it.

Double and triple check that you’ve got all of the required documentation attached.

Finalise your application by answering the last two Yes or No questions, fill in your details as the declaration officer, agree to the terms and conditions and submit.


Step 3: Assessment Process

The GCBF doesn’t require that you submit quotes with your application, instead, they will request quotes from you during the assessment process.

If more information and/or quotes are requested, ensure that you provide everything requested promptly and ensure that you address all requests thoroughly.

The last thing you want to do is submit further information and then realise that you missed something requested or valuable.

Again, have someone double-check the information you’re submitting as an extra safety net against errors or ommissions.


Should you be successful, ensure that you’re aware of the information on the page linked below. Funding will be transferred within 14 days of the approval email.

Step 4: Acquittals

Information on acquitting your GCBF grant is available on this page:

Some key items to remember:

Each invoice or receipt must be scanned or photographed individually.

When saving scans/photos, name it using the invoice/receipt number.

If you have more than 15 invoices/receipts to acquit or you were granted more than $35,000, you must engage an external financial auditor to check your expenditure against the guidelines.

You may use some of the granted funds to cover the cost of the audit:

  • up to $500 for grants under $35,000
  • up to $1000 for grants over $35,000

You must keep all documents relating to the grant for 7 years.


Hopefully, this article helps you to plan out an application for the Gambling Community Benefit Fund. Ensuring that you’re setting yourself up for success well in advance of an upcoming round.

Maybe you’re less confident, and if so, there’s support available:

For advice and support through the application process, reach out to Baseball Queensland’s Club Support Coordinator,

If you’re seeking quotes, have a look at the Supplier Database, you may find an additional organisation that can provide you quotes on your project.

Alternatively, CPR Group is Baseball Queensland’s preferred Governance provider. They can assist with Grant Writing.

Information on their services can be found here:

2023/24 Summer Recruitment Review

2023/24 Summer Recruitment Review

What was done well and where can we improve – Summer Recruitment 2023/24

The 2023/24 Summer Recruitment season has wrapped up, with GBL and GCBA being a third of the way into their respective competitions and Sunshine Coast reaching finals for their Spring season. Collectively, we’ve seen an increase in memberships for Summer and there are still plenty of takeaways and areas for improvement heading into Winter 2024 and Summer 24/25.

Start Early and Plan

The deciding factor in how successful of a recruitment period you have is your planning. It is important to decide early on what you’re leading to.

The steps:


1. Identify a Recruitment Coordinator early.

2. Identify your Come and Try days.

  • This is your target for every other initiative to link into. You’ll want to run multiple catering to different audiences and at different times – be accessible.
  • It may then help to organise pre-season trainings alongside/after these events.

3. Define your strategy.

  • Identify your local schools and their contacts early, lock in clinics ASAP and coordinate with BQ Game Development to ensure they’re appropriately staffed.
  • Identify community events or groups that you can engage with.
  • Can you work with local politicians to advertise with them/at their events?
  • Can you approach businesses for corporate teams or other partnerships in your local area.
  • Are you effectively utilising digital recruitment strategies?

4. Define responsibilities.

  • Try to assign tasks to peoples strengths and get as many people helping out as possible.
  • Avoid overlap when delegating tasks to reduce conflicts and areas where “I thought they were doing X”

5. Execute

  • Follow through on your plan. Complete tasks when you’ve identified for them to be completed.

6. Adapt and Review

  • Adapt and continually look to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Reach as many people as possible.
  • Review the success of your initiatives once each stage wraps up, with a final review once the season is underway to work out where you need to focus more on or learn more about before next season.

School Clinics

Organise early and build it into your overall strategy. Term 3 is busy, it’s also the main period for Summer recruitment for multiple sports. So, engage with your local schools early, build out a list of contacts at each school and keep it within the committee for future years.

The all-new BQ School Ambassador program is building a list of contacts at schools around the state, so make sure to liaise with the BQ Game Development Manager, as there may be direct Sport/PE contacts at your local schools. Take advantage of BQ Development Officers (DO’s), however, you need to organise this early – there is a limited pool of DO’s and they can only be in so many places at once.

We also offer free hire of equipment kits. Make sure to book them early to ensure you have them when you need them.

Brisbane North clubs did school clinics really well, out of 74 members that identified school clinics as the method they found Baseball, 60 of them were at Brisbane North clubs.


Take Full Advantage of Digital Opportunities

Thanks to Game Day, we know that almost 20% of members said they heard about Baseball through Social Media and Search Engines.

The importance of a current, up-to-date, search engine-optimised websites and social media suites is incredibly important to an effective recruitment period.


Your website is like a funnel, it catches all of that random traffic flow from the internet. Catching search engine traffic is important. If you don’t have anyone tech savvy, a basic website will function well and can direct members to your social media pages or to club contact details.

As a note: the old <club> websites can be redirected or deleted. If you’d like this to occur, please reach out to for assistance. This can be useful to ensure that new members are being directed to your most up-to-date website.

Include registration and season information on your website. People need to know when the season stars and when it ends, they’ll also want to know the costs involved and if you can, provide them with information on how long the games are for their age group, how far they might need to travel. The more information you provide, the more certain they’re going to be when it comes time to register.

Social Media

Ensure that your social media is up to date as well! Not just Facebook, all of your accounts. Facebook and Instagram allow you to post to both at the same time – so do it.

Utilise paid advertising to reach members that will never see your normal posts. Unpaid reach, especially on Facebook, is terrible – paid reach on Facebook will get you seen by thousands (likely parents).

Short form video content (approx. 7 second videos) work the best on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Shorts – punchy, short, sharp and engaging videos. You won’t need to pay to boost these, and they’ll typically be reaching younger audiences.

Facebook is typically for the parents and grandparents – Instagram and TikTok are mixed, skewing towards younger audiences – YouTube is a bit of everyone. Take advantage of all of these platforms. Content you make for one can typically be used for the others, don’t make more work for yourself. (Customised content will always be better, but you’ll need someone who knows their stuff and I honestly do not)


Make sure you’re responding to emails, identify your most responsive person or people and ensure that all email queries are being actively responded to. (CC everyone in to make sure anyone else that received it knows it’s been responded to)

Send out an email to last years’ members to invite them back! You can consider offering early bird discount codes, which can be facilitated through Game Day.

Involve those returning members by including your goals for the season, how the committee want to build on the previous year and anything you’re doing differently. (Ideally responding to feedback you’ve collected!) Make the members feel valued and they’ll want to come back.

Remove barriers – don’t add them.

You should never be adding hoops for potential members to jump through. Have them register directly through the Game Day portal at your earliest opportunity. If you can assist them through the process at a Come and Try day, you’ll be golden.

Don’t add extra EOI forms if you can avoid it. If you can’t get them to register straight away, that’s when you collect their contact details to be able to follow them up and invite them back to your next event or pre-season training. Keep them engaged!

Targeting specific groups

Sometimes making people feel comfortable enough to try is your best recruitment strategy. Consider offering a Female only Come and Try and/or an U12s Come and Try.

Clubs that offer a Female Come and Try day tend to enter more teams in those competitions, while specifying age groups for your Come and Try days allows you to control numbers and create safe environments where people are trying the game with others of their age.

Create capacity – don’t restrict it.

There’s a natural capacity at every club, with field space being the primary limitation. You can always find more coaches, introduce incentives, and get people trained up. Understand your current demand and prepare for more next season, even if you don’t increase in members, you’ll have increased in potential volunteers!

Work with your existing and experienced coaches to mentor new coaches throughout the season, you could partner with local clubs or work with your region to organise regional coaching development courses. Encourage and accommodate accreditation opportunities; work with QBUA and QBS, and surrounding clubs, to build your collective officials base.

Game Day

  1. Make sure your club products are mandatory, there were several situations where clubs had products that were optional and had to then chase members for fees.
  2. Ensure there is no overlap in the ages of your products – e.g. U16s, U18s or U20s does not overlap with Adult Seniors
  3. Understand what recruitment initiatives are working. This is why we have the “How did you hear about us?” question on the registration forms; here’s the 2023/24 Summer data:
Existing Member Social Media Search Engine Friend, Colleague, etc. Publication School clinic Community Event
Numbers 2566 260 431 695 39 74 97

As you can see, a large majority of members found baseball through word of mouth, search engines and social media. Digital presence is key – while school clinics needs to see a major improvement!

Conversion Events

Come and Try days are incredibly important!

It goes back to what I said earlier, if you can’t make people comfortable enough to try, they won’t even give you a chance.

Ensuring that you have an appropriate spread of Come and Try opportunities, whether that’s targeted events, fun carnivals, or mini pre-season tournaments – you decide. Make sure there’s opportunity at different times and different days. If you have lights, offer a weeknight Come and Try, or an information session at your batting cage where you can setup a tee or do some soft toss.

As mentioned before, also offer some targeted events. Whether it’s a few hours at the start or end of your main Come and Try or a specific weeknight or weekend event that is for Women, Juniors, Masters, etc.

Make people comfortable, and give them an opportunity to try.

Take advantage of the inflatable batting tunnel which BQ hires out to clubs free of charge. Make sure to book it early!


Ensuring that your club engages in planning early will lead to a cohesive, targeted, and thorough recruitment process that expands upon your clubs’ reach into the local community.

Make sure to engage in School Clinics, they can be an extremely effective tool, BQ offers support in engaging with schools, renting equipment and providing staff. Engage with the BQ Game Development Manager early.

Take full advantage of social media, your club website and direct emails to members.