Grant Applications Can be Daunting – so Let’s step through it together!

This is a summary of the information required to complete a Gambling Community Benefit Fund application. The GCBF is one of the easier grants to apply for, as the amount of detail required during the application process is minimal (when compared to certain other grants).

That doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to get funding when you apply, and it certainly doesn’t mean that the application process is going to take you a few hours.

For the best chance of success, you will still need to prepare and review your application in advance.

The information within this article is accurate as of January 2024.

Key to remember: If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. A rushed application will be very clear. Grants are typically awarded to projects that are ready to go.

What is the Gambling Community Benefit Fund?

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) distributes approximately $60 million each year across 4x rounds. This grant is funded by Queensland gambling taxes.

Currently, these rounds consist of a $100,000 Super Round in February, and $35,000 Standard Rounds in May, August and October.

As incorporated entities, all current Baseball clubs and regions within Queensland are eligible to apply for funding through this grant.

You are able to apply the grant to a wide variety of projects, including events, equipment, facility improvements, marketing, installation of solar and machinery or vehicles.

As with most grants, you cannot apply for funding for items purchased prior to the approval of the grant, fees for services, operating costs or for use generating income.

Currently, the selection committee prioritises applications in order of top to bottom.

  1. Items/facilities directly affected, damaged or destroyed by a declared natural disaster in the last 2 years.
  2. Equipment or facility improvements
  3. Buses, cars, caravans, boats, tractors, trailers, large mowers, motorbikes and similar items.
  4. Community events, training, workshops, festivals, publications and website development.
  5. Organisations that have received more than $15,000 from the GCBF within the last 2 years.

For more information, please view the full guidelines linked below.

Step 1: Register to the Online Grants Portal or Update your Details

If your club/region does not have an account:

If your club/region already has an account:

Upon logging into the JAG Portal, you will be prompted to update your organisation’s details.

Ensure that this page is as up-to-date as possible, this includes updating:

  • Organisation Contact
  • Financial Position
    • Date of last audited financials
    • Income
    • Expenditure
    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    • Cash at Bank
    • Investments
  • Club Bank Details
    • This bank verification form must be completed. Click here.
  • Organisation Overview if not previously completed
  • Organisation President and Accountable Officer details

Step 2: Completing the APplication

Page 1

The first page of the application process is where you confirm your club details – this includes your Incorporated Organisation Number, Name, ABN and GST registration status.

You can search for your organisation number here:

You can search for your club’s ABN and GST status by searching the Government’s ABN Lookup page:

GST Status will be shown next to the “Goods & Services Tax (GST):” item under “ABN details.”

Page 2

Fill out your Application Contact Person and select whether or not you’re providing a financial or in-kind contribution to accompany this application.

Financial or in-kind contributions are generally required for grants and demonstrate value for money, need and commitment towards what you’re requesting money for. Contributions are not required for Gambling Community Benefit Fund applications, but if you have some spare cash and want to improve your chances, it is recommended.

Please note, when applying the contribution, you must exclude the contributed amount from the total. For example, if you’re seeking a masterplan for $50,000 and you’re contributing $15,000, you’ll only be requesting $35,000.

Page 3

This page identifies what you’re seeking funding for;

You’ll need to select the ‘Requested Item Category’ and you must list each item separately.

You don’t need brand names/specific product models/names/numbers, just a clear and concise item description.

If your club is registered for GST, list the item cost without GST included. (GST Exclusive)

If your club isn’t registered for GST, list the item cost with GST included. (GST Inclusive)


If any of the items you’re requesting are for a community event or workshop, select yes and designate what date the event will be held and whether or not it’s an annual event.

Be aware that the proposed event date must come after the outcome of the funding round is announced. In 2023, the February Super Round outcomes were delayed – try to avoid identifying a date within 6 months of the closing date.

It should also be noted that Priority 4 (Community events, training, workshops, festivals, publications and website development) are less likely to be funded. A large majority of funding is allocated to Priorities 1 and 2 each year.

Facility Improvements

Identify whether or not any of the items requested are for facility improvements.

Whether or not your organisation, another not-for-profit or council/government owns the property.

Page 4

Page 4 is the core of the application, so I’ve split it from the above accordion into slightly more detailed sections.


Defining the Benefit

How will the application benefit your organisation and the community?

Utilise the grant Guidelines to best sum up how your application will benefit the community.

Engage emotionally without telling a sob story – emphasise the outcomes, not just the literal opportunity for players to use the equipment, but the social benefit of you delivering baseball, delivering a sport. Keep it simple, your application and its outcomes should be clear and identifiable within a few sentences. Where possible, back up your answers with research, specific data and documentation.

Social connectedness, more opportunity for physical activity, improved public greenspace, inclusivity…

Potential Examples;

“The purchase of equipment will support the delivery of baseball, providing expanded capacity for participation”

“Requested equipment will directly benefit 330 players and 45 volunteers within suburb(s) and indirectly benefits the 6 clubs and 12 teams that travel to our facility to play each weekend. These members are heavily reliant on appropriate equipment. Based on historic data, our player retention and satisfaction is highest when delivering high quality training programs which are heavily reliant on the appropriate itemised equipment requested. Satisfied members encourage their friends, family and surrounding community to become members of our club. Driving participation and physical activity within our local community.”

“The proposed facility improvements increase accessibility as per X Australian Standards and enable participation in new market segments”

Externals and Income

Will this application provide benefit to more than one not-for-profit organisation, if successful?

Example: “Our club shares it’s facility with the local softball association, a majority of the requested equipment can be utilised by the softball club for their regular activities. Our region also utilises our facility and equipment to deliver regular representative team trials and trainings. This equipment will also be utilised to deliver programs and clinics with local schools.”

Will this application provide an opportunity for your organisation to generate income if successful?

Example: “We will be enabled to deliver market stalls at community gala days, anticipating a greater number of people interested in playing the sport. It will also provide enhanced experiences and increase the likelihood of retention of existing participants. Generating income, in both cases, through membership fees.”

Have you applied for funding for budget items listed in this application from any other sources?

Make sure you’re aware, the GCBF cannot be used to help with generating income, essentially, ensure that income generation isn’t the primary purpose for the project, it may however, be a secondary or side benefit:

  • help with generating income
    • subsidies (i.e. using the grant to acquire or gain eligibility for other grants or contributions)
    • sponsorship (i.e. using the grant to secure sponsorship for the organisation).
Natural Disaster

Is this application being submitted as a result of your organisation being affected by a natural disaster within the last two years?

I’m not sure what other questions may pop up when you click yes, but declared natural disasters are listed here:

Members and User Groups

How many paying members does your organisation currently have?

Note: paying – this constitutes players, you could include paying social members as well.

How many people access your organisations facilities or services annually?

They’re asking for an estimate, try to be accurate but don’t go overboard (or undersell).

If you want to calculate, look towards 1x spectator per child and .5x spectators per adult for each team you host.

Ensure to add in events numbers that you’ve hosted and factor in usage by other user groups as well.

What geographical area does your organisation cover?

Organisation Service Type


All referees listed may be contacted. Referees cannot be management committee members or accountable officer. Referees can’t be members of your organisation’s management committee, family members of the management committee, or people or businesses who will receive payment if the grant is approved.

They may be contacted at any time, so ensure they’re aware that you’ve named them as Referees and ensure that they have a basic understanding of what you’re applying for and what your organisation represents.

Page 5

You’re almost done – make sure that you’ve proof-read your application, ideally, you’ve also had someone else look over it.

Double and triple check that you’ve got all of the required documentation attached.

Finalise your application by answering the last two Yes or No questions, fill in your details as the declaration officer, agree to the terms and conditions and submit.


Step 3: Assessment Process

The GCBF doesn’t require that you submit quotes with your application, instead, they will request quotes from you during the assessment process.

If more information and/or quotes are requested, ensure that you provide everything requested promptly and ensure that you address all requests thoroughly.

The last thing you want to do is submit further information and then realise that you missed something requested or valuable.

Again, have someone double-check the information you’re submitting as an extra safety net against errors or ommissions.


Should you be successful, ensure that you’re aware of the information on the page linked below. Funding will be transferred within 14 days of the approval email.

Step 4: Acquittals

Information on acquitting your GCBF grant is available on this page:

Some key items to remember:

Each invoice or receipt must be scanned or photographed individually.

When saving scans/photos, name it using the invoice/receipt number.

If you have more than 15 invoices/receipts to acquit or you were granted more than $35,000, you must engage an external financial auditor to check your expenditure against the guidelines.

You may use some of the granted funds to cover the cost of the audit:

  • up to $500 for grants under $35,000
  • up to $1000 for grants over $35,000

You must keep all documents relating to the grant for 7 years.


Hopefully, this article helps you to plan out an application for the Gambling Community Benefit Fund. Ensuring that you’re setting yourself up for success well in advance of an upcoming round.

Maybe you’re less confident, and if so, there’s support available:

For advice and support through the application process, reach out to Baseball Queensland’s Club Support Coordinator,

If you’re seeking quotes, have a look at the Supplier Database, you may find an additional organisation that can provide you quotes on your project.

Alternatively, CPR Group is Baseball Queensland’s preferred Governance provider. They can assist with Grant Writing.

Information on their services can be found here: