As part of Baseball Queensland’s agreement with Saitama Prefecture High School Baseball Federation (Japan), Baseball Queensland will take a touring team to Japan from 5-14 July 2019.

The Saitama agreement has seen teams from Japan visit Queensland to play against our U18 QLD Bandits team since 2015. This long standing relationship provides our team with high quality competition in the lead up to our event which serves as a great preparation for our annual National Championships campaign.

In the interest of preserving the relationship with Saitama so future generation of Bandits players might benefit from playing this series of high quality games right before heading off to Nationals, it is imperative that we service the relationship by reciprocating with a tour to Japan. It is BQ’s intent to establish this tour to Japan as a key element in our Queensland Bandits program moving forward.

It is our intent to take the most competitive team available. We are aware that some players on our soon to be selected final team (for 2019 National Championships – 2018/19 QLD Bandits U18 team) may have commitments that render them unavailable for the tour next year (University etc). With this in mind the tour is currently open to any player named in the 2018/19 Squad that was announced after the 2018 U18 State Titles.

Early indications are that the tour will cost approximately $4000.00 per participant. For those interested in participating, you have ample time to start raising/earning funds to help cover the cost of your trip.

If you would like to express your interest or book your spot on this touring team for July 2019 please contact Shayne Watson –