Written by the Coomera Cubs, this story highlights the success of their recent breast cancer fundraiser event held at Surfers Paradise Baseball Club. Despite obstacles, the community rallied together, showcasing their unity and commitment to supporting an important cause. Read on to learn how their efforts made a meaningful impact in the fight against breast cancer.

In a heart-warming display of solidarity & support, the Coomera Cubs community came together to raise spirits & funds at the Coomera Cubs recently held breast cancer fundraiser event. The event, which took place on Sunday 11th Feb 2024 at Surfers Paradise Baseball Club, was a resounding success, drawing attendees from all walks of life who were eager to contribute to this important cause.


With everything stacked against the event going ahead from the tornado that swept through & ravaged Coomera Cubs’ facilities on Christmas night to the rain that cancelled 3 of the 4 scheduled games on the event day, Coomera Cubs worked with the Surfers Paradise Baseball Club, who kindly handed over the use of their facilities to Coomera Cubs to allow the event to proceed.  The willingness to assist Coomera Cubs Baseball Club displayed by Surfers Paradise Baseball Club, will hopefully be the start of more clubs working together to deliver events such as this one to show the wider community what baseball is made of!

Organised with meticulous planning & care by Coomera Cubs Treasurer, Jodie Sippel, who was supported by an awesome bunch of volunteers on the day & in the lead into the event, the fundraiser proved that when a club decides to get behind a worthwhile cause such as breast cancer to raise awareness about breast cancer & provide much-needed support to those battling the disease – great things can be achieved.  The support that was shown to the event by club members & families & members from other clubs purchasing pink jerseys, caps, cupcakes, bracelets, pins, brownies & canteen food & beverages both pre-event & on the day of the event, created a warm & inclusive atmosphere where attendees could connect & show their support while watching the Coomera Cubs GBL A Grade team battle it out on the diamond against Pine Hills Lightning.  The day was topped off with a walk off hit by Josh Welch in the bottom of the 11th innings with a 3-2 win to Coomera Cubs.

One of the highlights of the event was that even with the sour weather on the day, the fundraising drive saw an outpouring of generosity from attendees eager to make a difference. Through donations & merchandise sales, the community rallied together to raise $3650 that will go towards funding research, awareness campaigns, & support services for individuals & families affected by breast cancer.

Beyond the financial contributions, the event served as a powerful reminder of the strength & resilience of the baseball community when faced with adversity.  By coming together to support a common cause, attendees not only raised crucial funds but also fostered a sense of unity & hope that will continue to resonate long after the event has ended.

As Coomera Cubs reflect on the success of the fundraiser, they express heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed their time, resources & support to make the event a success.  Their tireless efforts & unwavering dedication have made a meaningful impact on the fight against breast cancer, inspiring others to join the cause & work towards a future free from this disease.

In the spirit of unity & compassion, Coomera Cubs looks forward to future events & initiatives that will continue to raise awareness & support those in need.  These types of events show that when clubs work together, great things can be achieved in the fight against causes such as breast cancer & know that our collective efforts can make a difference in the lives of many.