Grants are incredibly important as they provide a source of funding for specific projects or initiatives. Whether it’s something as simple as funding for an advertising initiative or a grant for a new participation program up to a brand new infrastructure package. Find current grant opportunities, application tips and tricks, public and private grant providers as well as organisations available to support your club through the Grants process.

Current Grant Opportunities

Grants for individual athletes are not included in this table. Please scroll down for a list of grants suitable for individuals.


For: Grant Program: Info
All Clubs RACQ Foundation | Resilience and Recovery Grants OPEN NOW – Closes 4 October
Sunshine Coast Major Grant OPEN NOW – 26 August
Cairns Go Clubs Infrastructure Grant OPEN NOW – 31 August
Cairn Go Clubs Essentials OPEN NOW
Redlands Organisation and Project Support 5 August – 1 September
Sunshine Coast Minor Grant 16 September – 28 October
All Clubs Gambling Community Benefit Fund mid-September – 30 November
Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor’s Better Suburbs Grant: Facilities Category Unconfirmed
August – October



For: Grant Program: Info
Cairns Community Partnerships (Events) Regular rounds for supporting local events.
Gold Coast Community Facility Grants Program Funding allocated in June of each year.
Gold Coast Community Event Grants Program Ongoing program.
Townsville Social Grants and Partnerships N/A
Ipswich Community Events Funding Open from the 1st to the last day of each month. (Excl. June and Dec)
Brisbane Community Fund Applications open until allocated.
Moreton Local Community Support grant Regular rounds.
Moreton Discretionary funds


Applying for Grants

The Step by Step

Use this template to keep all of your key details, this can be recycled and used for multiple grants.
Keep all grant information together. Future applications will be easier if you’ve already got supporting information and any other relevant details in one place.

Gambling Community Benefit Fund Application Walkthrough

This article goes through the Gambling Community Benefit Fund Application process.

How to write your Application

Make sure to use the template above.

  • As an overview, grant applications have to demonstrate that a project or program is feasible and in-line with the grants goals, priorities and/or objectives.
  • You must be clear about:
    • Objectives
    • Budget
    • Processes (How the project will be achieved and how progress/success will be measured)
  • Although some criteria will vary between specific grant schemes, generally grants require similar types of information.
  • After developing the grant application, it must then be ‘marketed’ to the appropriate bodies. Personal communication with the funding organisation may help with this process
  • Discussing the priorities of the granting agency and asking how the sport and recreation organisation’s application can be improved, are ways of getting the granting agency involved and increasing awareness about the intended project. However, there is a fine line between an enthusiastic applicant and an annoying nuisance!

Clubs with successful grant applications usually:

  • Prepare the application well in advance
  • Pay careful attention to the details required and presentation quality
  • Clearly outline the goals and objectives of the project
  • Describe why the project is needed and support this with facts and figures
  • Detail the methods used to conduct the project
  • Indicate the expected outcomes of the project (positive impacts, to your club, the members and the wider community!)
  • Consult advisory officers in relevant trusts and departments where appropriate
  • Submit applications before the closing date
  • Within the prescribed word count and are clear and concise
  • Are backed up with supporting material

Make sure your application is proofed. This will make sure:

Every answer addresses the question in full, is complete and accurate.
Spelling and grammar is correct
Your application includes all supporting information and is complete and accurate.


What to do if you’ve been rejected

Most grants have a specific contact number or email listed. Contact the grant provider for feedback on your application. This will help you refine and improve future applications.

Please be aware that some grant providers specify not to contact them, check before you try!


Remember to collect and store any information that may be needed to acquit the grant.
This may be receipts, invoices, etc.

Most grants outline the acquittal process and the information that they require. Make sure to check your specific grant to find out what you’ll need records of.

Grants Coordinator

It’s easy to get lost in Grants. There are so many potential grants and so little time. Having someone in charge of applying for, managing and acquitting grants can save the committee valuable time and also generate thousands of dollars in revenue to cover operational costs, complete projects, train your volunteers or hold events.

Grants Coordinator Position Description Coming Soon

Local Councils

Grants, Sponsorship and Fundraising pages for all relevant councils.

Brisbane City Council Grants
Cairns Regional Council Grants
City of Gold Coast Grants
Gympie Regional Council Grants
Logan City Council Grants
Redlands City Council Grants
Sunshine Coast Regional Council Grants
Toowoomba Regional Council Grants
Townsville Regional Council Grants

Other Grant Providers

Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list of providers and should only serve as a starting point.

QLD Government - Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport

QLD Government - Department of Justice and Attorney-General (Gambling Community Benefit Fund)

The gambling fund will generally hold multiple rounds per year. In 2022 and 2023 there was a 100k super round at the start of the year. There is no guarantee that this will happen on a regular basis.

Cancer Council - SunSmart Shade Initiative
Cancer Council - Portable Shade Project
Westfield - Local Heroes Program
Australian Government - Stronger Communities Programme

Grant Databases and Assistance

Maybe you don’t have the capacity or any willing volunteers to have a Grants Coordinator, there are other options.

CPR Group

Grant Applications and Funding Support service.

More information can be found on their website:

CPR Group is Baseball Queensland’s preferred provider for Governance Support. For more information on how to access support, please contact


Some Councils provide this service for free to their members, where a link could be found, it’s included in the Local Councils section.

The Grants Guy

Workshops, Consulting and Resources

The Funding Centre

Grant Application Support

Grants for Athletes

SportAus Local Sporting Champions
Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund (SESF)

$1000, only available to those who demonstrate financial hardship, read T&Cs.

Ipswich residents: Sport Achievement funding

Disaster Response Funding and Support

Queensland Reconstruction Authority

The Queensland Reconstruction Authorities’ Funding for Individuals and Not-for-Profit Businesses

This page links through to individual assistance grants.

Federal Government RecoveryConnect
RACQ Foundation Resilience and Recovery Grants
Sport and Recreation Disaster Recovery Program (SRDRP)