Greater Brisbane League

The Greater Brisbane League (GBL) is the largest baseball league in Queensland, covering teams from Brisbane North, Metro, South, West and the Gold Coast from Little League (U12) through to seniors. The competition is managed by the GBL Competition Committee, a volunteer sub-committee of the Baseball Queensland Board elected by the GBL clubs. 

All GBL Competitions are gender-inclusive.

The GBL season coincides with Queensland school terms 4 and 1, commencing in spring (October) and finishing before Easter, with a short break over the Christmas period. The season typically runs for around 20 rounds, with the Division 1 competition taking part in a two-game series each week.

Currently, the GBL Competition runs six divisions for Adult male or female Seniors (15+), three divisions for Little League (U12), two divisions for Junior League (U14) and Senior League (U16) and a standalone division for Women’s (15+), U20s, and Masters (35+).

Regions within the GBL run competitions for players under the Little League age bracket (ie, rookie ball and T-ball).

The rules of the competition are written in the GBL Bylaws which are set prior to the start of each season. These rules operate in conjunction with the Official Rules of Baseball and, for juniors, the Little League International Rules (“Little League App”).

Wet Weather Procedure

The GBL would like to remind all clubs that in instances of wet weather, clubs must communicate with each other via the inclement weather contacts. It is not appropriate for individual club members (including coaches) to contact the inclement weather contact of another club unless that person has advised them to do so. Please ensure your coaches refrain from doing so.

We also would like to remind clubs that, although social media is an important platform for communicating wet weather messages, it is still necessary to inform visiting club’s inclement weather contacts of any change in status as a matter of priority so they may contact club coaches directly.

For players and their families, please contact your club coach or club committee members for the most up-to-date information regarding inclement weather.  Committee members have access to inclement weather contacts for each Club.

GBL Competition Committee Charter - GBL Version 3.3
GBL Forms

Incident/Ejection Report:  Online

Injury Report:  Online  Download

PONAG – Playing Down Application:  Download

PONAG – Playing Up Consent:  Download

Protest/Dispute Form: Download

Rescheduling a Game:  Download

GBL Competition Rules VERSION 2023-24

Current Suspensions (as at 28rd February 2024):


GBL Game Balls

Below is a list of balls that meet the required specifications.

Considering the potential for different balls to end up in play in any given game, the BQ rules have been updated to include the requirement that only one type of ball may be used in any one game.
      Page 9 – Baseballs
     The baseballs for use in any game must be consistent in specification, make and model.
This means that if you start the game with Easton 777’s, only Easton 777’s can be used for the remainder of that game.

Clubs can purchase and use any one of the following ball types.


 Brand Model #
 Easton 777
 Wilson A1001FS, A1010
 Rawlings ROLB, ROLB1
 Brett BR-100 and BR-200
 Mizuno MB380 
MR Pro Stock

Div 1 Senior League and older: A100R, A085R

Junior League and older: A050R, A050F

Senior League and younger: B030, B015

Game Records in Game Day

2023-24 Season changes

Baseball Australia and Baseball Queensland have moved from SportsclubHQ to Game Day for the registration, membership, and competition management system.

Game Results, Player Eligibility etc will be entered into GameDay by Clubs by 7pm Tuesday each week.
NOTE: Games will automatically lock at this time and no results or eligibility will be able to be entered.

Home Team Responsibilities:

  • Entering the Runs per innings and score
  • Entering their player’s pitches thrown, innings caught, defensive outs
  • Entering their player’s Injuries or concussions
  • Completing their match day report – including PONAGs for the Game

Away Team Responsibilities:

  • Entering their player’s pitches thrown, innings caught, defensive outs
  • Entering their player’s Injuries or concussions
  • Completing their match day report

Umpire Responsibilities:

  • Completing their match day report (Incidents or Ejection Checklist)

See below instruction guides:

Entering players to the Game Record
Computer    Mobile

Confirming Players attendance and mandatory Stats

Entering Score / Results
Computer    Mobile

Entering Game Officials
Computer    Mobile

Recording an Injury
Computer    Mobile

Match Day Report (checklist)

Confirming a game
coming soon

Gamechanger (Electronic Scoring) for GBL

GBL have created the Gamechanger (Green version) leagues for all Divisions (Little League Division 1 up to Seniors Division 2).
Seniors Division 1 will be on Ballclubz (previously MyBallClub) again this year.

Clubs can assist GBL by creating their club teams within Gamechanger ASAP.
They can create a new team from scratch OR roll-over a previous season’s roster and select/deselect players to move into the new team.

The home team will be responsible for scoring the game HEAD-TO-HEAD on Gamechanger, to ensure only one record of the game exists.
During this transition year, home team scorers can choose whether to score:

  • live at the game
  • at the game but no internet (remember to connect to the internet BEFORE finalising the game to ensure it is saved)
  • at home, entered from the book (while scorers are learning the system)

Download Gamechanger from the app store

Download Gamechanger from the google play store

How-to Guides and more information coming soon!


Ballclubz - GBL Division 1 Electronic Scoring