Fees 2019/20 Season

The information contained in this memo outlines the Baseball Australia (BA) and Baseball Queensland (BQ) capitation structure for the 2019/20 membership year, commencing on the 1st of September 2019 and concluding on 31st of August 2020.




Category BA BQ Competition administration levy ($10 adult & $6 junior) Total Capitation Fee Sports Club HQ Admin Fee 3.2% (Added and charged at point of checkout)  Total Capitation Fee including SCHQ 3.2%
Seniors# $55 $121 $10 $186 $5.95  $191.95
Masters# $45 $79 $10 $134 $4.30  $138.30
U20’s (Senior – 18 and 19 YO)# $55 $121 $10 $186 $5.95  $191.95
U20 (Junior 16 and 17 YO)# $45 $76 $6 $127 $4.05 $131.05
Senior League# $45 $76 $6 $127 $4.05 $131.05
Junior League# $45 $76 $6 $127 $4.05  $131.05
Little League Majors# $45 $76 $6 $127 $4.05  $131.05
Little League Minors# $45 $54 N/A $99 $3.15  $102.15
Women’s GBL * $25 $20 $10 $55 $1.75  $56.75
Slick Sixes 4-7 $10 $10 N/A $20 $0.65  $20
Aussie T-Ball# $25 $10 N/A $35 $1.10  $36.10
Short Program Senior $20 $15 N/A $35 $1.10  $36.10
Short Program Junior $10 $10 N/A $20 $0.65  $20.65
Challenger Division $5 $5 N/A $10 $0.30  $10.30
2-4-Year-Old# $5 $5 N/A $10 $0.30  $10.30
Tournament $10 $15 N/A $25 $0.80 $25.80


* The Women’s GBL membership (valid for eight (8) weeks of competition plus two (2) weeks of finals)
registers you to play in the GBL Women’s Competition ONLY and expires at the conclusion of the GBL Women’s Competition. If you want access to multiple programs and events like the GBL Women’s Competition, Women’s State Titles, Women’s State Team we recommend you purchase the Seniors Membership ($186) as this will register you to play in any competition through 31 August 2020 – (Does not include club fees, tournament entry fees, uniform fees etc).

# Indicates a Full Season Membership and renders the member eligible to play in any competition within the membership year 1 Sept 2019 – 31 Aug 2020 (pending payment of any club/region/competition fees payable).

Please Note: Capitation Fees listed do NOT include Club/Region fees, uniform fees or tournament entry fees. Please inquire with your Club, Region or team to ascertain their fees and charges applicable in addition to these capitation fees.

BA is nearing completion of the budgeting process for 2019/20. Upon finalisation, a separate memo outlining the support to be provided by BA will be circulated during the week commencing 2nd of Aug. 2019.

All memberships
• All memberships categories are covered by the BA National Insurance Policy, with this included within the capitation price outlined above. Memberships featuring # are covered for the duration of the membership season. Other memberships are covered for the duration of the specific event or competition – typically no more than eight weeks.

Little League
• The price of the Little League membership category is inclusive of the Little League Levy.
• All members of a charter (including minors) must be registered for a charter to be eligible for progression through the Little League competition framework.

Short Season programs
• Eligibility for this membership category is by formal submission to the State/Territory association and is assessed in partnership with BA.
• The length of the program should not exceed six (6) weeks excluding finals.
• The program must address the following criteria
• Targeting a cohort not previously addressed within a catchment area
Pilot of a new program
• Participants have not previously been members
• Remote/disadvantaged area
• Programs are applicable for one season only and cannot be applied to existing programs or competitions

Tournament Membership
• New membership category covering events where participants may only play one weekend/event per year. Examples include the following events:
Masters & Regional tournaments
University Games

Masters Concession
• Masters born before the year 1970 are exempt from paying additional fees to compete in the Senior competition.




No “Top Up” to Full Membership Available.
Please urge all participants to consider their plans for participation as there are no options to pay a “Top Up” fee from a short membership, tournament membership or any other form, to a full membership. If they think they may play in more than one event encourage them to consider the value of a full membership. E.g. If a player buys a Tournament or Short Season membership to play in a tournament or short season then decides they want to be eligible for selection to a Queensland Representative team, that player will need to pay the full fee for a full membership even though they have already paid to play in a specific event. This person (an Adult for the purposes of this example) will pay $25 for their tournament fee, then when they decide they want to play for Queensland they will need to buy a full membership at $186. They could have saved themselves $25 by buying the full season membership up front. No Top Up fee will be applied. So please encourage participants to consider this when purchasing their membership. Baseball Queensland would like to wish all clubs in the 2019/20 the best of luck. 

Sports Club HQ transaction fee is 3.2% on all transactions
BQ Competition administration cost levy: $10 U20’s up to Adult & $6 for Youth Little League Majors up to Senior League.
Merchant fee charged at $0.75 per transaction by Sports Club HQ at point of checkout.