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Directors should have a broad understanding of the ongoing operational aspects of the Board and the organisation generally, but are not expected to be abreast of all aspects of the sport and its machinations. Directors can expect to be advised prior to assisting in making decisions at a Board level.

Directors will take responsibility for a Portfolio. Directors will advise the Board on activities, progress and issues arising within their respective Portfolios.

Directors should be prepared to deliver such advice at each Board Meeting, or at a time or in a format as requested by the Commissioner.

It is expected that Directors will establish and oversee (but not necessarily Chair) whatever sub-committees they deem necessary for the effective operation of their Portfolio, and the delivery of Board and Strategic Plan objectives.

Directors will, at times, operate outside their Portfolio in concert with other Directors on projects.

Commissioner Portfolio
  • Provide leadership and direction for the sport
  • Leadership of the Organisation and Management Team
  • Organise and conduct regular and extraordinary Board meetings as needed
  • Set meeting agenda & arrange for recording and confirming of minutes
  • Represent the organisation to external and internal stakeholders, particularly Baseball Australia, government agencies and the Brisbane Bandits
  • Ensure good governance is practiced
  • Signatory to legal documents
  • Casting vote

Suggested Sub-Committees:

  • Governance
  • Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Strategic Development
Director - Finance Portfolio
  • While we may be a not-for-profit organisation, we must be a successful business
  • Develop annual budget for Board approval
  • Provide minimum monthly financial reports and forecasts to Board
  • Reconcile all financial reports to bank statements
  • Ensure that BQ management is fulfilling financial obligations
  • Track financial risk
  • Work with BQ accountant, book-keeper and auditor as needed
  • Present Annual Financial Statement at AGM
    Suggested Sub-Committees:

    Finance, Audit and Risk Management


    International Business / Sports Tourism



Director – Game Development Portfolio
  • Be innovative and proactive to ensure our game is viable, accessible and attractive
  • Develop recruitment and retention strategies and liaise with Director Membership Services to promote with clubs/regions
  • Identify or develop alternate forms of the game
  • Identify or develop alternate forms of membership
  • Regional development
  • Umpires & Scorers
  • Liaise with Baseball Australia and other state bodies; School Sport

Suggested Sub-Committees:

  • GBL
  • Female participation
  • Recruitment and participation
  • Elite programs
Director – Player Development Portfolio
  • Be innovative and proactive to ensure our game provides the opportunities the sport demands
  • Development pathways for players & coaches
  • Little League pathways
  • Elite & Representative programs and teams
  • College, professional pathways
  • Aspiring coaches’ collective
  • Liaise with Baseball Australia, other state bodies and pathways agencies

Suggested Sub-Committees:

  • Recruitment and participation
  • Elite programs
Director – Administration & Communication Portfolio
  • While we may be a not-for-profit organisation, we must be a successful business
  • Be abreast of all the machinations of the Organisation
  • Communication conduit between BOM and members – regional associations, clubs, scorers’ association, QBUA
  • Develop best practice communication processes
  • Identify, develop and oversee a social media presence
  • Identify and develop sponsorship opportunities

Suggested Sub-Committees:

  • GBL
  • Governance / Strategy
  • International Business / Sports Tourism
  • Sponsorship/Commercial Opportunities
  • Infrastructure
Director – Projects, diversity & inclusion Portfolio
  • While we may be a not-for-profit organisation, we must be a successful business
  • Liaise with Director Finance and Director Game Development to coordinate Annual Events Plan
  • Identify potential commercial assets and develop plan to actualise
  • Develop inclusion strategies to benefit organisation and members
  • Identify grant funding opportunities, organise applications and report on management of successful funded projects
  • Conduct a state-wide facility audit and develop a strategic facility plan
  • Track BQ Strategic Plan against all areas

Suggested Sub-Committees:

  • Finance, Audit and Risk Management
  • Sponsorship/Commercial Opportunities
  • International Business / Sports Tourism
  • Infrastructure
Director – Member services & events Portfolio
  • We are an organisation that has a strong community and family focus. Our success depends on how we support our people.
  • Identify and arrange delivery of volunteer education re: club management & governance
  • Liaise between clubs and staff for the delivery of services
  • Develop grass-roots growth and capacity-building strategy for clubs
  • Identify and assist with membership tools such as registration portal
  • Liaise with Director Finance to review membership fees
  • Assist with Grant applications & Strategic Plans

Suggested Sub-Committees:

  • Governance
  • Participation
  • Girls’ and Women’s Baseball
  • Infrastructure
Baseball Queensland Committee Structure