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Now that you have decided you are going to coach a team, the next step is to identify the level of accreditation you will need to coach your chosen level of baseball.

Each level of accreditation is aligned to help prepare coaches to coach a specific level of play as set out below.



Baseball Australia currently utilise the USA Baseball Coach Certifications A, B and C as the National Coach Accreditation Scheme. You can find out more about accessing these free courses to achieve the certifications required to coach in Australia at this link>>>

Baseball Queensland also deliver a series of additional courses to help provide coaches with further education so they might deliver more comprehensive programs for their participants. 

Currently in Queensland it is only mandatory for coaches to hold certificates in the Community Coaching General Principles and USA Baseball Certificate A and B. Upon completion of each of these course coach candidates will be issued with a Certificate that they should keep as evidence of completing the course. Please present these certificates to any entity  (club, Region, BQ etc) that would engage your coaching services. 


The following information relates to courses that are available as an additional education opportunity.   

BQ Coach Education Workshop Level of Play
BQ Level 1 Aussie Teeball/ Teeball (U8)
BQ Level 2 Rookie Ball (U10)
BQ Level 3 Little League to Seniors (U12 to Adult competitions)
BQ Level 4 High Performance- State and National



Baseball Queensland deliver workshops throughout the year. These sessions are designed to provide up to date delivery methods and baseball specific content. Attendance is not mandatory in completing your assessment, but is recommended.



Step 1- Complete Online General Principles

Complete the Australian Sports Commission Community Coaching General Principles course. This is a free selfpaced online course and you will need to register for the course prior to gaining access to the course. You can register and access the Community Coaching General Principles course here>>>

Once you complete this course the website will generate a certificate of completion. You will need to keep a copy of this as you will be required to present it prior to attempting the baseball specific accreditation assessment. Please note you only need to complete this course once, so if you completed the Community Coaching General Principles Course in preparation for completing your USA Baseball Certification A, B or C you needn’t sit the Community Coach General Principles Course again. Just present your certificate of completion.  

Step 2.- Complete the ASADA Level 1 Drugs in Sport Course and ASADA Coaching Course. (Only applies to Coach Candidates Attempting Level 3 or Level 4 Accreditation) 

Complete the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency’s (ASADA) Level 1 Drugs in Sport Course and the ASADA Coaching Course. Each course is available for free, both courses are available online and are self-paced. At the completion of each course you will be issued with a certificate of completion. Your certificate of completion needs feature the logo for each of these courses. You will need to present these certificates of completion to your Assessor prior to being admitted for Sport Specific Assessment. You can access both of these courses here:

Step 3.- Set a date with your chosen Assessor and register

Familiarise yourself with the content of your desired Level, you can find this material in the respective manual for each level of accreditation. When you are confident that you are across the material you should contact your choice of one of the Assessors below to express your interest in attempting your assessment. Upcoming Assessment opportunities may be advertised with online registration, so also keep an eye out on BQ website.


North Queensland Alan Connors PORTAL
Brisbane North David West PORTAL
Gold Coast Kevin Fenn PORTAL
Brisbane Metro David Green PORTAL
Brisbane West
Brisbane South David Badke PORTAL


Step 4.- Complete Written Assessment

At each level, there is knowledge required that cannot be objectively assessed in any way other than a written assessment. You will have to know the answers off by heart, as you may not bring any materials with you nor discuss answers with other candidates during the exam. Click here for relevant information. You must have passed the Written Assessment prior to attempting the Practical Assessment.

Step 5.- Complete Practical Assessment

The Practical Assessment is designed to ensure that you can deliver the specific activities and instruction for the Accreditation level you wish to gain. Click here for relevant information.

It is generally done in a group setting, with each taking their turn to deliver the required material to the others. This step may vary in scheduled time depending on how many coaches have registered. Expect up to 20 mins per coach.

Once you are deemed competent you will need to agree to abide by and sign the Coach’s Code of Conduct



When you attend an accreditation assessment you will need to:

  • Bring your certificate of completion for your Community Coaching General Principles Course.
  • Be prepared – Familiarise yourself with/study the material from your chosen level of accreditation
  • Have paid your accreditation assessment fee to Baseball Queensland prior to attending assessment. Please see the list of Assessor Rego Portals above. 
  • Wear clothing that allows you to be physically active, outdoors and deliver your practical assessment role play.
  • Bring a hat, sunscreen and drinking water. If you have a glove please bring it along too.
  • Bring a pen to complete your written assessment.
  • You will be asked to make an undertaking to adhere to and be bound by the Coach’s Code of Conduct. 



Candidates deemed “Not Yet Competent” will be subject to a “Subsequent Assessment” fee in order to attempt the assessment again. This fee is payable to Baseball Queensland prior to any candidate being eligible to attempt any subsequent assessment. Fees for subsequent assessment are available here>>>  

Candidates will need to book another assessment date and pay for subsequent assessment should they be deemed “Not yet competent”. Subsequent assessment is not offered on the same date as initial assessment. To book for your subsequent assessment please contact the Assessor of your choice from the list provided above. Your Assessor will provide you with a code to enter when you log into their payment portal. 



Any coach assessed as not yet competent in all required areas, and thus not granted the relevant level of accreditation, may lodge an official complaint. Complainants should be aware that they must feel confident that they did in fact satisfy the specific criteria during the assessment process, or that the process was in some way flawed. If this cannot be substantiated, any complaint is unlikely to be upheld.

The complaint must be in writing (optional pro-forma attached), and lodged with the relevant state body along with a $50 fee within two weeks of being informed of the assessment. The $50 fee will be refunded if the complaint is upheld.

Complaints Handling Procedure and Form