Baseball Queensland staff, Daniel (last week) and Luca (this week) are out on the road with the South West Indigenous Network Trax sports education tour! From Surat to Roma, Yuleba, Wullumbilla, Goondiwindi, Chinchilla and Dalby, they introduced students to the fundamentals of our sport and how fun baseball can be ⚾

These tours mean the world to small and remote schools, offering kids a rare chance to try new sports and receive top coaching. For a week, primary school students enjoy quality coaching, inclusivity, and improved well-being through physical activity.

But it’s not just about the kids! The tours provide workshops and training for teachers and administrators, supporting ongoing community sports participation.

Supported by state and national sporting bodies, SWIN’s 12 tour programs, funded by the Department of Social Services, are reaching 61 communities. It’s not just sports; it’s about empowering rural areas with quality sporting experiences.

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Photo credit: from SWIN Facebook Page