Baseball Queensland is excited to present the 2022 JL and SL Futures League competitions.

Available to all Queensland players in the JL and SL age group, the 44-player, four-team competition runs for six weeks ( 9 Games Total )  . 1 game a week for 3 weeks then 2 games a week for 3 weeks and finishing Saturday, 10 September. Wednesday games start at 7pm and will rotate across four venues spread out across the Brisbane and Northern Gold Coast areas. Saturday games will start at 9am for JL and SL and will also rotate venues.

Futures League: Junior League Division 

JL Age Group According to BQ Age Matrix

Born between Sept 1, 2008 and August 31, 2010


Futures League: Senior League Division 

SL Age Group According to BQ Age Matrix

Born between Sept 1, 2006 and August 31, 2008



4 teams of 11 players in each comp, two coaches per team.


EOIs being received now, but plan is to have games rotate across Brisbane and Northern Gold Coast.



Observation and Draft: 30/31 July (TBD)

Players notified of selection: August 1-2

First game: Saturday, August 6 :

Six Saturday games (including the Futures League Carnival on September 10th) and three Wednesday night games (in the last three weeks there are two games a week.)



This year, FL jerseys and hats for the JL and SL competitions will be supplied with costs built into player fees and partially offset by sponsorships.


(TBD) Likely between $150 and $200 for jersey, hat and 9 games.



  • Players may PONAG up to JL from the LL age group or JL to SL Futures with permission of Baseball Queensland and competition coordinators. However, natural-age players will have first priority.


  • Pitchers limited to 40 pitches, six outs or 2 innings.


  • Single-inning batter limit of 7 batters (same as last year).
  • Please note: As these competitions finish after the current BA/BQ Membership expires on 31 August, 2022, players must be registered for 2022-2023 and paid with BA/BQ by September 1, 2022 to be eligible to play in the last three rounds of the comp (3, 7, 10 Sept), including the championship and third-place games. This is for insurance reasons

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