Baseball Queensland (BQ) is delighted to announce a partnership with Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy as BQ’s program operator for athlete wellbeing.

Pivotal Motion has been involved in baseball for many years, working with Windsor Royals and Pine Hills Baseball clubs and former sponsor and physiotherapist with the Brisbane Bandits. Pivotal Motion is a leading voice in the area of sports physiotherapy and creating programs for player physical welfare, injury rehabilitation and athlete development. Bobbie-Jo Strong, Owner and Principal Physiotherapist of Pivotal Motion, is currently the physiotherapist for other high performance teams in QAS Volleyball program and QLD Pirates Volleyball. To date, Bobbie-Jo has achieved 8 Australian League titles over the past 5 years. Pivotal Motion has a strong emphasis on a community approach to sport thus sponsoring 4 local Brisbane sporting clubs including Gaelic football, rugby league, and volleyball.

The partnership between BQ and Pivotal Motion will see programs created to assist players with athlete well-being, striving for holistic outcomes, and will aim to engage with our Pathway programs commencing this year.


Shayne Watson, Baseball Queensland’s High-Performance Manager is excited to work with an industry leader to engage with our pathway programs and bring a greater awareness to athlete wellbeing.


“Striving for holistic outcomes for our athletes, we have partnered with Pivotal Motion. This will provide guidance for BQ athletes, coaches and parents throughout the BQ Pathway Programs. The health and well-being of our athletes is prioritized as highly as their athletic development and delivered simultaneously for the best possible outcomes of our athletes and their future. I am looking forward to working with Pivotal Motion over the next several years as we develop and deliver this framework.”


Bobbie-Jo Strong is excited to bring her expertise and passion to Baseball Queensland.


“Baseball is a functionally unique sport.  When I watch baseball, it isn’t just about the runs or pitch count, it is about one’s ability to perform their task to their upmost functional capacity.  Everybody has a unique functional pattern and role to play in baseball.  This is what we need to tap into, to learn, understand and develop a more distinguished outcome for the baseballer.  I see potential for development of medical and academic relationships to assist, improve and differentiate Baseball QLD’s athletes from states.  I believe in all Baseball QLD athletes being catered for regardless of age, tier level or team status.”


Working with our Player Pathways is just the beginning for the partnership between Pivotal Motion and Baseball Queensland as there are many opportunities that will be made available to the wider baseball community through a multiple of expressions.


Baseball Queensland CEO Paul Gonzalez shared the following:


Pivotal Motion has been a strong supporter of Baseball Queensland for many years and it is fitting that as we progress and evolve as a sport, we continue to build long-term relationships with positive like-minded partners.  Pivotal Motion’s vision is to educate their clients and patients on movement that is ideally suited for individual needs.  Baseball Queensland is excited about their approach to health and fitness and look forward to “Building a better future for baseball” moving forward.”


We will be seeing more of Bobbie-Jo and the Pivotal Motion team over the coming months at our events and through our social media channels.