Introducing the Queensland Crocs!

This team of talented young female athletes, is gearing up to compete in the 2023 Barclay Cup in Perth. Led by an exceptional coaching staff, this will be a tournament to remember!

We asked Head Coach, Lyndsey Campbell, why they chose a crocodile as their logo:

“As a older female baseball player who is passionate about the development our sport, I am very excited to take an amazingly talented group of young ladies to Barclay Cup. These ladies are proof that the future of baseball in Queensland is very bright.

The team has chosen to adopt the crocodile logo for this years tournament. The crocodile is known for its strength, agility and tenacity which are all important characteristics that align with baseball players’ qualities. Just like crocs, baseball players exhibit resilience, quick reflexes and a fierce competitive spirit on the field. By identifying as ‘Crocs’, our team embraces the animals natural traits as inspiration for their performance, aiming to dominate the game with a formidable presence and unmatched skill.

My coaching staff and I are also awed of the confidence and the hunger these ladies train with and are excited to see what they bring to this years tournament and all tournaments beyond.”   – Lyndsey Campbell, Head Coach