Good coaches never stop learning. In fact, a key skill of top-performing coaches is an ability to restructure their knowledge based on new information as it comes to hand. To continue to not only grow your knowledge but to offer you multiple strategies to apply to a given situation, here are some great resources you can get into remotely.

The starting point to coaching in Queensland is to obtain your Baseball Coach Accreditation. This is by no means a comprehensive education tool for coaches but is rather intended to serve as a minimum standard. For more information on Baseball Australia’s Coaching Accreditation please follow this link:

The Australian Sports Commission offer a number of additional e-learning courses that are self-paced and available to the public. The intermediate coaching general principles is among them and you can access them all here:

USA Baseball offers a series of online coach accreditation courses that are available free to the public. These resources feature professionally developed videos that feature Major League Baseball’s best players presenting information on all aspects of teaching baseball. You can access the courses here:

USA Baseball also has a great app you can download to your portable device to help you plan practice sessions with instructions and reminders on how to run specific drills. You can access it here:

Now we start to get into some of the better user pays training packages that are available:

Elite Baseball Performance draws together some of the best and most respected scientists, health care providers and strength & conditioning people available in baseball. Their courses range from US$60.00 to US$300.00. The Injuries in Baseball Course is well worth the price tag for those wanting a better understanding of throwing injuries. You can access their courses here:

 Driveline was one of the pioneers in developing a new method of teaching pitching mechanics that adheres to current best practice methods and evidence-based practices involved in teaching motor skills and training in general. You can access their training packages here:

Top Velocity also takes an evidence-based approach to teaching and the implementation of their programs. You can access their training programs here:


So if you find yourself in quarantine or just home isolating you might decide to use the downtime to improve your coaching skills.