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Find out information and provide feedback and opinions that will support the creation of the Baseball Queensland State Infrastructure Strategy.

Introducing: The Baseball Queensland State Infrastructure Strategy

What is the ‘State Infrastructure Strategy?’

Baseball Queensland is developing a State Infrastructure Strategy to ensure that our clubs and regions have access to a resource that confidently guides future improvements, expansion and growth at all of our clubs across the state.

This will be an important tool that clubs will be able to use to assist in their grant applications for new facilities improvements. Your feedback will be used to guide the identification of priorities, standards and key areas for improvement within facilities across the state.

This survey is open to anyone who has interacted with Baseball facilities in Queensland, whether they’re a regular player, spectator, family member or a one-off tournament player.

Give your Feedback Here:

Currently seeking feedback on individual facilities, if you’d like to give feedback on multiple clubs (which is encouraged!), please submit individual responses for each club.

This feedback survey has been extended and will now close at 11:59pm on Sunday the 23rd of June.
Please note that due to the ratings table in this form, it may be best to complete it on a tablet or laptop.

What will happen with this feedback?

Once feedback has been collected and processed, we will begin specific discussions with our clubs, regions and local governments to identify and confirm gaps and future priorities and projects as identified by our member feedback.


It is expected that this document will be released in stages. With a foundational module first and additional detailed additions to be built in as they’re completed.

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