Baseball Queensland’s stakeholder engagement plan has been developed to support the board in promoting openness and transparency of their activities, and in seeking member and stakeholder feedback (to performance or proposed initiatives) as well as considering member and stakeholder interests in decision-making.

The plan provides appropriate avenues and channels for listening and feedback in the pursuit of our strategic plan, promotes collaborative governance and ensures Baseball Queensland is aligning strategic decision-making across the sport.  

The Board of Management of Baseball Queensland (the Board) has a critical role in leading the organisation’s engagement approach. The Board is responsible for approving and then overseeing this engagement plan which enables Baseball Queensland to communicate clearly with consistent messaging, whilst fostering positive relationships with key stakeholders and building a culture of trust across the sport. The engagement plan is delivered in conjunction with the CEO, relevant Baseball Queensland Staff and relevant Sub-Committees and Advisory Councils who support the board to deliver the communication, consultation, and collaboration activities. The engagement plan provides opportunities for leaders across the sport to come together, align efforts and decision-making to best promote and ensure the sustainability of the sport. 

This document outlines Baseball Queensland’s stakeholder engagement plan and promotes transparency by ensuring Baseball Queensland is being proactive, as well as providing clear communication and messaging to those connected across the sport. Effective stakeholder engagement facilitates relationship building and understanding which is beneficial both to Baseball Queensland and our stakeholders.