Baseball Queensland is proud to announce their partnership with Study & Play USA.

SPUSA are Australia’s trusted experts in U.S.A. university sports scholarships. 
This family run business prides themselves in the ability to work with families and provide them with the highest level of expertise during the transition from Australia to the U.S.A. With over 15 years of experience and knowledge 
SPUSA are globally recognized and trusted, currently leading the industry 
in placement success rate. SPUSA offer a 100% success rate in helping student-athletes find the right college fit for their educational and athletic needs. Trusted by families and U.S. college coaches, SPUSA are focused on long-term success for their students.

Study & Play USA provide long term partnerships with families in their journey from the free initial assessment, right through to the magical ‘cap and gown’ graduation moment.  Families can expect that SPUSA will educate and prepare families and students with the highest level of information and guidance possible in order to maximize the opportunity and success for Australian student-athletes.

Baseball Queensland’s CEO, Paul Gonzalez comments on the recent partnership, “Baseball Queensland is proud to announce the partnership with Study & Play USA, a globally recognised program that supports the strategic direction of Baseball Queensland and our constant desire to grow our people and our game. The program’s structure is aligned with Baseball Queensland’s vision of building a better future for baseball and we are excited about the opportunities this partnership will provide to the families and athletes in the future.”

Study & Play USA are delighted to be on board with Baseball Queensland, “We are excited to collaborate with Baseball Queensland with our aligned focus to provide meaningful pathways to the US collegiate system for Queensland baseball families. The partnership provides families with access to unique opportunities for their sons and daughters on and off the baseball field through this pathway.”

Baseball Queensland is thrilled to now provide their members with this comprehensive opportunity, members can expect Study & Play USA to be at various workshops and events coming up in the future. All details will be shared on Baseball Queensland’s social media and website.