Baseball Queensland Partners with Sport4All to Champion Inclusivity and Diversity

Baseball Queensland Partners with Sport4All to Champion Inclusivity and Diversity

Baseball Queensland Partners with Sport4All to Champion Inclusivity and Diversity
Baseball Queensland is excited to announce a new partnership with Sport4All, a program dedicated to making grassroots sport more inclusive across Australia. This partnership aligns perfectly with Baseball Queensland’s goals of evolving, engaging, and connecting within the sport.  Sport4All, developed through a collaboration between the Australian Government, the Australian Sports Commission, and Dylan Alcott’s consultancy, Get Skilled Access, aims to make sport accessible to everyone. This award-winning program focuses on creating opportunities for people with disabilities to fully participate in and enjoy sports.
By partnering with Sport4All, Baseball Queensland will develop and diversify playing opportunities, introduce innovative approaches to sustain and grow baseball in Queensland, and improve the experiences of the baseball community. This collaboration will also help Baseball Queensland engage with stakeholders to develop strong partnerships, promote baseball as the sport of choice, and foster a culture of respect, diversity, and inclusion.
This partnership with Sport4All aligns perfectly with their goals, as both organisations are dedicated to creating a future where everyone can enjoy the benefits of sport, regardless of their abilities. 

“At Baseball Queensland, we believe in the transformative power of sport to unite communities and foster inclusivity,” said Gareth Jones, CEO of Baseball Queensland. “Our partnership with Sport4All represents a pivotal step towards creating a more inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of ability, can experience the joy and camaraderie of baseball. Together, we are committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that our clubs are welcoming and accessible to all. This collaboration underscores our dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion, enriching the lives of individuals and strengthening the fabric of our community.”

Sam Cawdron, Game Development Manager at Baseball Queensland, added, “I’m thrilled about our partnership with Sport4All and the opportunities they provide. Inclusivity in baseball extends far beyond just getting more people to play the game. It’s about creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels they belong, whether they’re playing, helping in the canteen, keeping score, managing teams, umpiring, or providing off-field support. By collaborating with Sport4All, we’re helping ensure that our clubs are inclusive on and off the field, providing multiple opportunities to help create a community and foster inclusivity to all. 

Sport4All, a national award-winning program, is dedicated to promoting diversity and creating opportunities for people with disability in all aspects of sport. Through education, training, and resources, Sport4All empowers sporting organisations to create welcoming and inclusive environments for everyone. 

“We are very excited at Sport4All to partner with Baseball Queensland to support a great sport, with their vision to build their confidence and capability with disability inclusion,” said Kim Abbott, Sport4All State Sport Inclusion Coach for Queensland. “The Sport4All program provides education, training, and resources that are available to the Baseball Queensland community to provide guidance and support, as well as empower associations, clubs, and members about the value of including people with a disability through all levels of baseball.” 

Sport4All empowers local clubs, schools, and communities to embrace diversity. Managed by people with lived experience of disability, Sport4All brings valuable insights and promotes inclusive practices.  This partnership will provide resources and training to local clubs, ensure people with disabilities can participate in baseball, and raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion. Baseball Queensland is committed to setting a standard for other sporting organisations, showing that inclusive participation benefits the entire community.
Together, Baseball Queensland and Sport4All are dedicated to creating a future where everyone can enjoy the benefits of sport, regardless of their abilities. This partnership is not just about changing the game; it’s about changing lives.
Baseball Queensland Appoints Danny Maruyama as Special Advisor for Partnerships – Japan

Baseball Queensland Appoints Danny Maruyama as Special Advisor for Partnerships – Japan

Baseball Queensland Appoints Danny Maruyama as Special Advisor for Partnerships – Japan

Baseball Queensland is excited to announce the appointment of Danny Maruyama to the newly created role of Special Advisor for Partnerships – Japan. This appointment recognises Mr. Maruyama’s outstanding contributions over the past 40 years in fostering strong ties between baseball in Queensland and Japanese baseball organisations. Danny Maruyama has played a crucial role in building and nurturing relationships with various Japanese baseball entities. His extensive network and deep understanding of Japanese baseball and culture have significantly advanced Baseball Queensland’s initiatives.

His key contributions include,

-Facilitating communication and meetings with Japanese high school baseball teams and associations

-Organising international visits and exchange programs for teams and coaches

-Providing cultural and linguistic assistance to ensure smooth interactions

-Promoting Baseball Queensland’s initiatives within Japan

Danny Maruyama’s efforts have already brought tangible benefits to Baseball Queensland, including successful exchange programs and increased visibility within the Japanese baseball community. Mr. Maruyama was integral to the establishment of the Robina High School Baseball Excellence program with the program’s field named in his honour, acknowledging his substantial contributions. Mr Maruyama also played a key role in establishing agreements between Baseball Queensland and Japanese High School Baseball Federations that have provided high quality games for our Queensland teams in preparation for the Australian Youth Championships over an extended period of time.

We are confident that Danny Maruyama’s appointment will further solidify our international partnerships and continue to bring mutual benefits to both Baseball Queensland and the Japanese baseball community.

Max Durrington signs with The Athletics

Max Durrington signs with The Athletics

Baseball Queensland is thrilled to celebrate Max Durrington’s incredible achievement. At just 17, Max from Surfers Paradise Baseball Club has signed a significant contract with The Athletics which comes with a signing bonus believed to be over seven figures (AUD) – one of the largest for a first professional contract in Australian baseball history.

Max has always been around the game, growing up playing baseball with his Dad in Queensland and participating in Baseball Queensland programs. He first played competitive baseball as an eight-year-old at Mudgeeraba Red Sox Baseball Club where he played Rookie Ball and Little League.  He then moved to Surfers Paradise Baseball Club at eleven. Max has represented Queensland at the U16 and U18 national championships and has been a part of Baseball Queensland’s Performance Pathway programs.

His talent was first noticed by Athletics scout Dan Betreen at the 2022 U16 Championships. Max’s performance at national events made him one of ten Australians invited to an MLB select trip to play in front of scouts and colleges in the United States in 2023.  Max made his A-Grade debut in the Greater Brisbane League at just 15-years-old in 2022-23.  He finished the 2023-24 season second on the team with a .400 batting average in 33 games. Max led the team with 20 stolen bases, while also chipping in four triples. 

He says his relationship with Surfers Paradise infielder Andy Cosgrove played a big role in his development.  “We would compete for who could have the most triples and stolen bases,” says Max. “Andy is a former professional baseball and is very athletic. He pushes me a lot.”

The drive, work ethic, and talent were noticed by Baseball Queensland Performance Pathway manager, Shayne Watson.

“Since entering the BQ programs four years ago, you could easily identify Max’s drive & ambition which has led to this day. Not only is he a special talent, but he’s highly motivated and a great person in a very supportive family,” he says.

“He’s drawn a lot of attention from scouts and college recruiters. I’ve been in a fortunate position to be part of Max’s development and witnessing his journey. I’m positive he will thrive in the Athletics system and I will enjoy watching his journey.

Your Baseball Queensland family is incredibly proud of you, Max. Here’s to your continued success and the exciting future ahead!

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Story by Eric Balnar / Baseball Australia

EAP Program Coordinators and Coaches Announcement

EAP Program Coordinators and Coaches Announcement

We are delighted to introduce our outstanding coordinators and coaches, each bringing specialised expertise and a strong commitment to nurturing young athletes. These professionals are devoted to promoting the growth and progress of our participants, ensuring they receive exceptional guidance and support. With varied backgrounds in coaching and player development, our coordinators provide a holistic and thorough approach to training.

Their collective experience spans local, national, and international levels, allowing them to offer valuable insights and advanced techniques. Our coordinators’ dedication to excellence and player development will be a cornerstone of the Emerging Athlete Program, helping each young athlete maximise their potential and achieve their goals.  


Don’t miss out on this perfect program to ignite your baseball journey for the 2024/2025 summer season! Spots are strictly limited, so REGISTER NOW to secure your place!

Introducing our distinguished coordinators and coaches: 

Sunshine Coast

Coordinator: Nick Bachono 

Developing his baseball skills starting at the Mooloolaba Sharks, Nick Bachono went on to play college baseball at Trinidad State Junior College and Oklahoma Panhandle State. Nick now coaches with the Brisbane Bandits and Baseball Queensland Women’s Programs. His experience and dedication make him a vital part of our team.  

Program Coaches: Eli Jones 
Dates: Begins 31st July 
Location:  Mudjimba Baseball Club, 701 David Low Way, Pacific Paradise QLD 4564 
Time: Wednesdays 4:30PM – 6:30PM 


Gold Coast

Coordinator:  Martin Waters 

A long-term coach with Gold Coast Baseball and former Baseball Queensland U16 Coach at the Australian Youth Championships, Martin Waters brings extensive experience to the Emerging Athlete Program. His involvement in the Baseball Queensland Youth Women’s, Development, and Open Women’s Programs showcases his dedication to fostering talent across various levels. Martin’s expertise and commitment will be instrumental in guiding our emerging athletes to reach their full potential. 

Program Coaches: Daniel Turner 

Dates: Begins 27th July 
Location:  Runaway Bay Dolphins, Paradise Point (2 weeks) / Nerang Cardinals (3 weeks),  /  1xlocation TBC & All Stars, Hendra (Week 7) 
Time:  Saturdays 9:00am – 11:00am 



North Brisbane

*Less than 10 spots remaining*

Coordinator:  David West 

Recent champion coach at the Australian Youth Intermediate League and Padres Junior Director of Coaching, David West brings a wealth of coaching expertise to the Brisbane North Region. His commitment to excellence and his ability to foster player development will be invaluable in guiding our emerging athletes.  

Program Coaches: Eli Jones  

Dates: Begins 27th July 
Location: Redcliffe Padres, Redcliffe & All Stars, Hendra (Week 7) 
Time:  Saturdays, 9:00AM – 11:00AM 


Central Brisbane

Coordinator: Luca Rostagno 

Hailing from the Windsor Royals Baseball Club, Luca Rostagno is a dedicated Brisbane Metro Coach. With experience as a Futures League U18 and Women’s Coach, as well as a member of the Open Women’s Maroon Coaching staff, Luca brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the Emerging Athlete Program. His commitment to player development and his expertise across various levels of competition will be invaluable in nurturing the potential of our emerging athletes. 

Program Coaches: Matt Watson & Cooper Thomson 

Dates: Begins 27th July 
Location: All Stars, Bannister Park, Hendra 
Time: Saturdays 9:00AM-11:00AM  


South West Brisbane

*Less than 10 spots remaining*

Coordinator:  Lyndsey Campbell 

Coaching at the ABL Women’s Showcase with the Brisbane Bandits and a current pitcher for the Queensland Women’s team, Lyndsey Campbell brings invaluable knowledge and experience to the program. Her insights from both coaching and playing at a high level will be instrumental in guiding the development of our emerging athletes. 

Dates: Begins 27th July 
Location:  Ipswich Musketeers, Tivoli / Indians, Runcorn / Redlands Rays, Capalaba (2 weeks per location), & All Stars, Hendra (Week 7) 
Time: Saturdays 9:00AM-11:00AM 


Youth Girls

Coordinator:  Noel Tate 

Noel Tate has been a key contributor to Baseball Queensland’s High Performance Programs for the past four years. As a central figure in the women’s development space, Noel has served as the assistant coach of the Queensland White team at the Australian Women’s Championships. Additionally, he is the Female Coordinator for both Brisbane North and Narangba Demons, where he plays a pivotal role in fostering talent and promoting female participation in baseball. Noel’s extensive experience and dedication to player development make him an invaluable asset to the Emerging Athlete Program. 

Program Coaches: Sam Sullivan, Emma Tate & David Paddison 

Dates: Begins 27th July 
Location:   All Stars, Bannister Park, Hendra 
Time:  Saturdays 2:00PM – 4:00PM 


In addition to our amazing coordinators, we are excited to welcome esteemed guest coaches who will join us throughout the season. These guest coaches include former professional players, elite trainers, and experienced mentors who will share their invaluable knowledge and insights. Their contributions will enhance the program, offering diverse perspectives and advanced techniques.

Our guest coaches are:

Lisa Norrie: A trailblazer in Australian baseball, Lisa Norrie became the first female coach in the Australian Baseball League when she joined the Brisbane Bandits as an assistant coach in 2017. With a background in softball and extensive experience coaching the Queensland women’s baseball team, Lisa has also been an assistant coach for the Australian women’s national team. Her contributions to the sport include managing the Queensland Women’s Team and working as a guest coach for the Oakland A’s instructional league. Lisa’s pioneering efforts and dedication to player development continue to inspire and pave the way for future generations in baseball.

Molly Paddison: An emerging talent in Australian baseball, Molly Paddison has made a significant impact in her young career. As the MVP of the 2023 Australian Youth Women’s Championship, Molly led the Queensland team to an undefeated record and a gold medal victory. Her prowess on both sides of the ball has earned her recognition and multiple awards, including the Youth Women’s MVP at the 2023 Baseball Queensland Awards. Molly’s commitment to excellence and her inspiring performance continue to set her apart as a rising star in the sport.

Daniel Nilsson: Daniel Nilsson has a robust background in Australian baseball, having been a key player in the Australian Junior Teams. His professional career includes significant stints with both the Adelaide Bite and Brisbane Bandits in the Australian Baseball League. Known for his versatility as a pitcher and outfielder, Daniel has shown remarkable adaptability and resilience throughout his career. Daniel’s experience and dedication make him an invaluable asset to the Emerging Athlete Program.

Jordon Thomson: Jordon Thomson is a pivotal figure within the Windsor Royals and Brisbane Metro baseball, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the Emerging Athlete Program. Having played for Miles Community College in the United States, Jordon developed a strong foundation in baseball that he has carried into his professional career with the Brisbane Bandits. Jordon’s extensive playing experience and dedication to player development make him an invaluable asset to our program.

Neal Ragau: Neal Ragau serves as the Head Coach for the Baseball Queensland Women’s Development program. With six years of involvement in the performance pathway, Neal has successfully filled both head coach and assistant coach roles for Queensland teams at national tournaments. His commitment extends beyond state-level coaching, as he is also actively involved in coaching at both club and regional levels. Neal’s extensive experience and dedication to developing female athletes in baseball make him an essential part of our Emerging Athlete Program. 


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