2023 Queensland Women’s, Youth Women’s and Girls’ State Titles concluded in a whirlwind of excitement, resonating with thrilling performances and heartfelt connections at All Stars Baseball Club in Hendra. Over four action-packed days, 20 teams from across Queensland and three from NSW poured their hearts into the tournament, leaving an indelible mark on Queensland’s baseball legacy.

The tournament kicked off with the Open Women’s State Titles, where the scorching Brisbane weather did little to deter the determination and skill displayed on the field. North Queensland Storm emerged as standout champions, securing gold in both Division 1 and Division 2, while Gold Coast Gold and Brisbane North Baseball held their ground with commendable performances. 

Transitioning to the Youth Women’s and Girls’ State Titles, the intensity soared to new heights. Cronulla Sharkies triumphed in the Girls’ category, showcasing resilience and teamwork, while Brisbane Metro asserted dominance in the Youth Women’s division. Brisbane North and Gold Coast demonstrated remarkable skills, earning well-deserved recognition on the podium.

The Youth Women’s gold medal game was marked by a historic moment as Brisbane Metro’s Charlotte Stokes pitched a perfect game, etching her name into the tournament’s history!  This is the second time Stokes has pitched a perfect game in a Queensland State Titles this year.

Beyond the awe-inspiring athletic displays, the tournament resonated with the essence of friendship, unity, and the true spirit of the game. Teams bonded, new connections were forged, and sportsmanship shone brightly throughout the competition.

Amidst the heated matches, All Stars Baseball Club’s outstanding hospitality and meticulous organisation were hailed. The club’s canteen team and grounds crew were instrumental in ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Heartfelt appreciation goes to the Baseball Queensland tournament staff—Anna Day, first-time tournament director, for her remarkable leadership, Nick Wyllie, Assistant Tournament Director, Melody Callahan, Scoring Coordinator, John Proper, Umpire Coordinator, and Akane Hatai, Photographer.  Daniel Spiers, Game Development Manager, Gareth Jones, Baseball Queensland CEO, and Tournament Advisory Panel (TAP), chaired by David Badke, have also been working very hard behind the scenes for weeks leading up to the event to make it a success.  We also thank the Baseball Queensland’s Board of Directors for their support of this tournament.

A special and huge thank you extends to all the spectators, friends, and family who rallied together, providing unwavering support to the players throughout the tournament.  From cold water and sports drinks, to snacks, shade, and lots of sunscreen, you had it covered for the teams!

Acknowledgment is also due to all the competing clubs and regions, their scorers, umpires, coaching staff, Executive Officers (EOs), and, of course, the players for their tireless efforts and commitment, making this event a true celebration of baseball excellence.

Looking ahead, the anticipation builds as the Open Women’s Squad and Youth Women’s squad are set to be announced this week. These talented squads will embark on rigorous training sessions, preparing fervently for the 2024 Australian Women’s and Youth Women’s Championships in Melbourne, Victoria. Queensland’s finest athletes are geared up to make a resounding impact on the national stage!