Baseball Queensland (BQ) is committed to continuing to improve the services we provide to our members and athletes. 

BQ want to acknowledge our regions, clubs, volunteers, parents and participants that have given tireless hours to the sport. We are thankful for the dedicated people who make baseball a success in our state.

Baseball Queensland are particularly focused on opportunities that are relevant and add value, therefore we are pleased to report on Baseball Queensland’s achievements over the last six months.



Baseball Queensland (BQ) is committed to continuing to improve the services we provide to our baseball players in Queensland. We are particularly focused on opportunities that are relevant and add value, therefore we are pleased to advise that the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) has maintained our funding for BQ’s Athlete Development/ High Performance (ADP/HP) programs, staff and athletes.

We are pleased to continue to build on the success seen in 2019 with the increase of participants in our ADP/HP programs, as well as the direct successful outcomes of our emerging and developing athletes at the Australian Championships.

Baseball Queensland continues to represent our National Team in 2019-20 with nine (9) Queenslander representatives and three (3) coaches competing in the first round of the Premier Twelve event, the qualification event for the Tokyo 2020.

BQ continue to service the athletes within our ADP/HP  pathway programs with the focus of providing Queensland athletes the resources to excel at the National level.   Shayne Watson, the ADP/HP Manager and his coaching group, continue to work towards the vision of “Building a better future for baseball.”

We acknowledge the support that the Queensland Academy of Sport continues to show Baseball Queensland and are excited to see our programs evolve.



Australian Youth Championships

Baseball Queensland  would firstly like to acknowledge both Teams who competed at their best during the Nationals. BQ is proud of the players’ efforts. It was fantastic to see both U16 and U18 play off for the Gold Medal in their respective events. Our coaching staff did an exemplary job in preparing the teams over the final 12 weeks.

A big thank you to our Head Coaches, Dan Wilson (U16), and David Badke (U18) who were tasked with managing playing time whilst balancing each player’s performance.

It is positive to see how far all the players have come since early 2019. The off season programs have played a massive part in setting a foundation for their success. Though it was a fantastic result and memories have been created, this year was one milestone on the journey for our young baseballers progressing through the Pathway Programs and beyond. Our aim is for our individual players to strive for positive holistic outcomes, which takes time to achieve; but achievements like this year’s results can renew their passion for the pursuit of excellence.




This summer season has seen 3622 summer registered members. This is a 24% growth from the 2018/19 Summer season.

This summer we have seen 3146 players across all our different membership types in Queensland, up from 2724, February 1 2019.

A notable increase was the growth we have experienced within the women’s expression of baseball in our state. In 2019 the Women’s GBL saw 12 teams compete and 167 athletes, a 3 x increase from its inaugural year.

The break down of membership types and growth or loss is below.




Women’s State Titles

In December 2019 we held our second year of Open, Youth and Little League Women’s State Titles, at Bannister Park.. We are excited to share that we are continuing to see growth of participation in the event.

In 2018 we had 163 participants. In 2019 we had 232 participants, a 42% increase in growth.


Japan Series

Baseball Queensland was honoured to host Shiga High School Baseball Federation from Japan as part of Baseball Queensland’s continued efforts to grow the sport through our International partnerships.

Baseball Queensland’s partnership with Japan’s High School Baseball Federation extends to its 6th year with this year’s touring team coming from Shiga High School Baseball Federation for a 5-game series with the Qld Bandits U18 Team. BQ plan to reciprocate this arrangement by sending a Queensland team to play in Japan against High School Baseball teams.





The Queensland Sports Awards were held In November 2019  and Baseball Queensland was well represented with nominations and winning awards.

Queensland Sports Team of the Year

The Brisbane Bandits won this year’s Queensland Sports Team of the Year. After 4 consecutive Championships the Bandits received recognition for their on field and off field achievements.

Queensland Sport Administrator of the Year

Baseball Queensland CEO Paul Gonzalez was nominated for the Queensland Sports Administrator of the Year

Queensland Sports Coach of the Year

Brisbane Bandits and Team Australia Coach David Nilsson was nominated for the Queensland Sports Coach of the Year

Queensland Sport Event of the Year

The Australian Baseball League (ABL) Championship series was nominated for Queensland Sport Event of the Year.





Over the last six months we have had four professional health organisations partner with Baseball Queensland.

We appreciate the effort that Bobbie-Jo Strong from Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy for being fundamental in signing these medical health professional partners to BQ.

Australian Catholic University: (link to story)

Qsports: (link to story)

Qscan: (link to story)

Knee and Shoulder: (link to story)

The health professionals we have engaged aim to equip our athletes with the best in care, recovery and support as we look to build a better future for our athletes.



Our Social Media continues to be a successful platform to communicate our news and stories to the wider baseball community. With 17% audience growth since February 2019 on Facebook and steady growth on instagram we are pleased with the continual engagement and interaction with our members digitally.  We have also discovered that our Facebook page is the largest compared to all other baseball state organisations. This is a clear indication of the success of our digital strategy in relation to our membership numbers.