QBUA Announcement: COVID-19 and Questionnaire and Accreditation.

QBUA Announcement: COVID-19 and Questionnaire and Accreditation.

Due to Covid-19 and the restrictions placed on community sport we are preparing to readjust the schedule on our training seminars for Little League and Association (Level 1) umpiring seminars.

To assist us in keeping you up to date and to help you in the downtime we have designed a questionnaire on the rules that cover Little League specific. The aim is to ensure that our umpires not only understand the rule when situations arise but to be confident in the interpretation and to know where to find the rule reference when necessary.

We would ask that you use your rule book to answer these questions so that you can learn as you go. If you do not have a rule book or cannot find the online rules please contact Barry Foat at sdull@qbua.org.

The QBUA will be extending accreditation for next season for umpires whose accreditation expires this season. The requirement to receive the extension is to complete the above questionnaire.

We encourage all umpires to partake in the questionnaire as part of the Baseball Australia Umpire development training program requirement and also to enhance your own knowledge of the rules.

Everyone should have completed either the old Level 0 or the new Community Level umpire seminar.

To complete the community program and be accredited you need to have completed The AIS General Principles Course and the Level 0 or Community Umpire Exam.

If you have not completed the above, you will need to do so prior to completing the questionnaire. Links below:

Have you completed the AIS General Principles Course?


Have you completed the exam?

Little League (Community) Exam?

If you haven’t done both of these then this would need to be done prior to doing the questionnaire.

To completes the questionnaire please head to the QBUA website.


We can’t play the game without our mates.

We can’t play the game without our mates.

Baseball Queensland and the Queensland Baseball Umpires Association (QBUA)  have been working on a new campaign to educate all baseballers, spectators and officials, with the aim of building a positive culture of actions between all.

Baseball Queensland would like to acknowledge the work that the QBUA has done over the last decade in improving the environment in order to attract new people to umpiring. We acknowledge that there has been fantastic development in the culture of baseball in Queensland. We would like acknowledged the QBUA for their effort and the strategies they have implemented and that this new campaign is shared, building on the foundation of the work that has been done by the QBUA.


QBUA Seminar 24 and 25 August 2019 @ Carina Redsox Baseball Fields

QBUA Seminar 24 and 25 August 2019 @ Carina Redsox Baseball Fields

This year, the QBUA is holding an Association Umpire Seminar at Zahel St, Carina, scheduled for two days:

  • Saturday 25 August 2019 from 8:00am to about 4:00pm; AND
  • Sunday 26 August 2019 from 8:00am to about 4:00pm.

What to wear: Suitable pants; QBUA Student Umpire T-shirt (QBUA will supply); running shoes; cap.
What to bring: Water; sunscreen; glove; mask; leggings; indicator; any required medication. (more…)

QBUA Little League Umpiring Training

QBUA Little League Umpiring Training

As a prelude to the upcoming Association Level (Level 1) Umpire Seminar QBUA will be holding a Little League Specific Training and Information seminar which will be open to all current, Community (Green Shirt), Association (Yellow Shirt) and Blue Shirt Level Umpires.

The main purpose of the day is to prepare umpires for the upcoming junior season as well, having umpires that are interested in doing state and national levels understand what they will need to achieve these goals.


Venue: Bannister Park, Gerler Road, Hendra

Date:   18th August 2019

Time:   8.30 Registration for 9.00am Start and is planned to finish around 4.00pm.

Cost:    This is being provided at no cost to all attendees

What to Bring: Water Bottle, Umpire / Long pants, Shirt, suitable footwear,

Plate gear (if you have it), sunscreen

As lunch will be provided on the day you will need to advise of any dietary concerns you may-have.

Should you wish to attend please advise by email to sdull@qbua.org  Mob 0410 615 851 advising your full name, contact details, and if you are affiliated with a club.

To allow adequate time and for catering purposes all nominations should be in the hands of SDU by the 11th August 2019.

QBUA Little League Umpiring Training

QBUA rules and information night

QBUA is inviting everyone to an upcoming rules and information night specific to Little League.

If you are wanting to officiate in upcoming Little League at a State or National Championships , you must have specific Little League accreditation. This is a great start to achieving this accreditation.

To assist those who want to continue with Little League or are looking at officiating at Little League in the future, QBUA is giving a FREE rules and information session.

When: Wednesday 5 September 2018 – Little League rules and information session

Where: Carina Redsox Meeting Rooms, 56 Zahel Street, Carina

Time: 7:00pm to about 9:00pm.

RSVP via return email by no later than  Sunday 2 September 2018. You can RSVP by emailing secretary@qbua.org

If you have any questions please contact Barry Foat directly at sdull@qbua.org

QBUA Little League Umpiring Training

Association Level Umpire Seminar 2018

This year, the QBUA is holding an Association Umpire Seminar (Old level 1) at Zahel St, Carina, scheduled for two days:

Saturday 15 September 2018 from 8:00am to 4:00pm to 6:00pm; AND
Sunday 16 September 2017 from 8:00am to 4:00pm

What to wear: Suitable pants, QBUA Student Umpire T-shirt, running shoes, cap.
What to bring: Water, sunscreen, glove, indicator, any required medication.

The cost of this Seminar is $120, payable upon submission of this application (see below for details).

Click Here to register