BQ Heroes

Hall of Fame and Life Members
Below is the list of Baseball Queensland Hall of Fame inductees and also a list of Life Members of Baseball Queensland. The people listed are hero’s of our great game and have paved the way for the modern era.


Baseball Queensland Hall of Fame


Tim Bassingthwaighte

Alan Albury

Kevin Albury

Mack Gilley (D)

Wayne Reed


Stewie Beck (D)

Larry Home

Roy Levy (D)

Geoff Martin

Greg Wade


Nev Brockie

Ross Brown

Des Knight

Kel Macbeth

Ted Roebuck


Peter Dutton

Peter Gahan

Belle Tegner (D)

Tony Thomson

Mike Young


Reg Baxter

Bob Nilsson

Bill O’Sullivan

Harry Stathis (D)

Peter Wood


Gerry Kelly

Tim Nilsson

Gary Nilsson

Ern Toovey

Peter Vogler


Ray Buckley

Paul Coogan

Allan Cullen

Dudley Gale

Adrian Meagher Jnr


Kim Jessop

Ron Johnson

Ian Luctherhand (D)

Bill Stanley (D)

Keith Suthers Snr (D)

Laurie Thew (D)


Cameron Cairncross

Steven Hinton

Dot Holloway (D)

Stan Hollaway (D)

Ken McGuire


Peter Hartas

Ruby Sands (D)

Eddie Tyler


Barry Foxover

Mike George

John O.Harris

Dell Townsend


Brett Cederblad

Grant McDonald

Gunner Mollah (D)

David Nilsson


Matthew Buckley

Rob Moden

Peter Yates

Australian Hall of Famers from Qld:

Kevin Cantwell
Larry Home
Alan Albury
Ron Johnson
Adrian Meagher
David Nilsson
Bob Nilsson
Geoff Martin
Joe Quinn
Peter Vogler

Baseball Queensland Life Members

Nev Brockie
Dell Townsend
Anne Kippin
Ken Moncrieff
Tim Bassingthwaighte
Bruce Mutch
Dell Moncrief
Kel Macbeth (deceased)
John O. Harris (deceased)


Claxton Shield Championship Wins

1982, 1983, 1987, 1992, 1994, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2016, 2017, 2018