GBL Women’s League: Round Five

GBL Women’s League: Round Five

Last weekend the 4 teams in the Women’s League played their 5th round at Southern Stars Baseball Club in Regents Park. The weather held up just enough to get two quality games of baseball in the books, advancing us one step closer to the playoffs.

Western District Bulldogs played Padres White in a very exciting and quality game of baseball resulting in Padres White taking the win 12-9. This game had some outstanding plays made by both teams, as well as some quality at bats and strong pitching. The sisters from Padres White, Amy and Kate West, both hit inside-the-park-homeruns to help out their team. The Bulldog’s pitching was very strong as usual but not sharp enough to silence Padres bats.

The second game was between Southern Stars and Padres Red, with Southern Stars remaining undefeated after their 11-10 win.  This close game was action packed with Padres outhitting Stars but the Southern Stars women made crucial outs to keep them in the game. Special mention to Kate Oppatt from Padres who hit a triple and to Erin Hewitt at shortstop for Southern Stars who made a fantastic out that helped Stars take the win.

After 5 rounds of play we have an undefeated Southern Stars at the top of the ladder, with Padres Red coming in second, followed by Padres White and tailing closely are the Western Bulldogs.

All teams will be travelling to Darra on Saturday for the final round of the regular season. Western Bulldogs will host Southern Stars at 2pm, followed by another Padres showdown at 4pm as the Red and White team go head-to-head.

See you out there for another fantasti weekend of baseball!




GBL Women’s League: Round Five

GBL Women’s League: Round Four

The GBL Women’s League played in their fourth round of completion on Saturday afternoon. All four teams played at Redcliffe Padres in what was a fantastic and entertaining afternoon of baseball!

Game One saw Padres White take on Southern Stars in a solid game where Stars took the win 20-8. While Padres recorded the loss they did outhit Stars 13-10, however their pitching was lacking which consequently allowed Southern Stars to wrack up some runs. Both teams had a number of first hits as well as fantastic outs made in the field. Special mention to Amy West from Padres White who hit an inside the park homerun!

The second game of the day was between Padres Red and Wests; Padres Red took the win 13-9 in a fiercely played game. Both teams managed to show aggression at the plate with outstanding at bats from the Padres Red side. Fantastic pitching from both Padres and Wests who showed that accuracy is everything.

As we hit the middle of the regular season, all involved in the league comment frequently on the incredible opportunity this league is bringing to their baseball ‘careers’. It is very evident that the league is appealing to players of all levels, with State athletes in the same team as proud mothers aiming to put their years of spectator experience to good use; there really is no better way to engage and grow the sport of female baseball.

Heading into Round 5, Southern Stars currently sit on top of the ladder, followed by Padres Red, Westerns Bulldogs and lastly, Padres White. With Round 5 being held at Southern Stars Baseball Club on Saturday it will be an important round to get some extra wins for the teams lower on the ladder.

If you can get out to Southern Stars on Saturday 17th November at 2pm to support the Wests and Padres White ladies and 4pm for the Southern Stars and Padres Red teams, then please do to help our new league grow and develop!

Big thank you to everyone involved from players, coaches, umpires, scores and families- you are all superstars and make this competition exactly how it should be: fun!

Photos by: Rodney Reed. Thank you for taking such fantastic pictures of the teams on Saturday!

GBL Women’s League: Round Five

GBL Women’s League: Round Three

This week the 2018 Women’s League was out at Darra, the home of the Western Bulldogs Baseball Club, to play in 2 very fun filled games of baseball! All four teams showed excellent endurance in the scorching 35C heat and played with increased confidence and aggression.

Game One commenced at 2pm with Western Bulldogs going up against Padres White in a 3-inning game. Padres White came away with the win this week, 14-7 after they showed dominance with their exceptional base running and batting abilities. Starting pitcher for Wests, Gina Fuller threw a complete game with 5 strikeouts and 1 walk. Padres White had a number of players get their first hit of the competition, well done! The game was unfortunately cut short after an injury that halted the game’s progression, however both teams showed friendly sportsmanship throughout the break and finished in high spirits.

Long-term West’s player, Gina Fuller says the new league is a fantastic way to fit more baseball into her schedule, “It’s so lovely playing with women, I play Masters in the men’s competition as well but this league is really special. There is a lot of camaraderie, we have a lot of fun because we don’t take it to seriously and the more baseball I get to play the better!”

Padres White player, Alexandra Dunsdon comments on the friendly nature of the league, “The league is really fun and encouraging. I’m really proud to be able to show my daughters that playing baseball isn’t just for their dad; women and girls can play too and I think they are one of the biggest reasons I signed on. I underestimated how much was involved in the game so I’ve been really amazed at how much we are fitting in and learning in each training session. Everyone has the best time out on the field, it’s a lot of fun.”

The second game of the day saw Padres Red go up against Southern Stars, who came away with the win 11-7.  Both team’s bats were firing with a total of 15 hits over the 3 innings of play. Standout performances from Maddy Tough from Padres Red who went 2 for 2 with 3 RBI’s and one double & Karen Gallpen from Southern Stars who pitched a complete game facing 21 hitters, coming away 0 walks.

Jo Crotty, Padres Red player and beloved member of Redcliffe Padres comments on her team’s spirit being out of this world, “Our women’s baseball league just continues to get more exciting each time we step out on the field. It’s so much fun and encouraging watching our team mates for the first time pitch, catch a fly ball, throw an out on base, catch an out on base but especially hitting a ball and making it on base. I love this game! I love watching my kid’s play but now, especially love having my own teammates.”

Baseball Queensland’s Women’s and Girl’s Participation Director, Geoff Wade reveals his plans for the league, “ I think we will see female participation increase next season. Most clubs are already talking to me about what we can do to increase player numbers. I will be working with my participation group and the GBL to help strengthen and develop the Women’s League.”

Thank you to Western Districts Bulldogs for hosting Round 3; you put on a great afternoon of baseball that we all enjoyed immensely!

Join us at Redcliffe Padres Baseball Club this Saturday 10th November for Round 4! We have Padres White going up against Southern Stars at 3pm and Padres Red against Wests at 5pm. With live commentary from David Hopkins and music to set the mood, this round is sure to be a cracker!

*Please email me at if you have any photos form the games to share online*

GBL Women’s League: Round Five

GBL Women’s League: Round Two

The GBL Women’s League was full steam ahead this Saturday at Southern Stars Baseball Club for an exciting afternoon of games!

Southern Stars hosted the 2 games and provided us all with a fantastic atmosphere filled with great music, post game snacks and plenty of spirited support!

Starting the afternoon off was a fast paced, competitive game against Wests and Southern Stars. Wests took the win 15-2 after 3 innings. Stand out performance from Southern Stars Head Coach, Karen Gallpen who threw a complete game and a scoreless first inning going on to play Masters the next day throwing 44 pitches over 3.5 innings, again with a scoreless first.

Head Coach, Karen Gallpen commented on the new league saying, “The new GBL Women’s League is the best comp I have played in yet. The atmosphere is friendly, a great initiative with the GBL management committee getting a big pat on the back for the quick administration of the games. This inaugural competition needs to be followed up with support to other clubs to grow and advertise to increase the participation of women in this competition. I would love to see more girls involved in this and the current members who are wives, girlfriends, friends, players and new players. I believe this would remain a great competition into the future with the inclusion of the Women’s State Titles.”

The second game was a sea of red with the two teams from Redcliffe Padres battling it out in a hilarious 3-inning fiasco where Padres Red came away with the win 16-10. Special mention to Kate Oppatt, Sally West, Liv Wilson, Imogen Orphin, Chloe White and Samara Emmett who all pitched their first game on the weekend. Well done to both teams who managed to play in the harsh sun, very impressive!

Congratulations to all four teams; the level of play has improved significantly since Round One but is trumped only by the laughter and high spirits during the games. Each team continues to play with fierce competitiveness and huge smiles, while capturing the essence of baseball in every inning.

Thank you to Southern Stars for hosting Round Two!

Western Districts Bulldogs are set to host Round Three, next Saturday 3rd November. The first game starts at 2pm against Wests and Padres White, followed by Southern Stars and Padres Red at 4pm. Remember, if you’re available to come cheer on the women’s teams we’d love to see you out supporting the newest league in the GBL!

If you have pictures from any of the rounds played, please email them to me at so I can feature them in our weekly recap articles!


Around the Horn: College Excellence

Around the Horn: College Excellence

Welcome to the third article in Baseball Queensland’s new series, ‘Around the Horn’. The aim of this series is to bring our state organisation closer to the people and communities that connect us all together: our clubs.

Pine Hills Lightning Baseball Club has been home to many elite and professional ball players in Queensland. With a history that dates back to 1984, the Mitchelton Unicorns, turned Pine Hills Lightning, are building strong foundations for their athletes young and old. Over the past 20 odd years the club has worked closely with the Queensland Government and the Moreton Bay Regional Council to update the facilities and give the club the facelift it deserves.

There is no doubt that Pine Hills is one of the top competitors in the GBL and their 2018/19 Division One squad definitely pack a punch. Filled with strong talent that has been nurtured and developed through the younger divisions, this team is now reaping the benefits of a few key athletes that are now giving back to the club upon their return from college.

Mitch Hughson, 20, graduated from Miles Community College in Montana, Jacob Nilsson, 20 attended Eastern Arizona College and Jeremy Atkinson, 28 graduated from Salt Lake Community College in Utah. The 3 players are now inspiring younger players at the club to stay driven and set their sights on college acceptance.

Atkinson says he was inspired from an early age by one very memorable coach, “When I was younger, my State coach was a man named Luke Prokopec. I think he is originally from Adelaide and he was a real inspiration to me with baseball and achieving my goals.”

Pine Hills President, Simon Tame says, “This season we have entered the most teams into the GBL with Div 1-5, 2 masters teams, 2 in U20’s, 1 in Senior League, 2 in Junior League, 6 in Little League, 3 in Rookie Ball and 2 in Teeball. We have a real depth of talent in the club from our coaching staff and player development squads. Out Div 1 imports, Stephen and Jared are passing on their skills. We have fantastic looking grounds with over 100k invested from the State Government via the EDQ grants.

We have several ‘special’ rounds coming up including Paul Mutch Cup, Moreton Bay Regional Council Challenge against Redcliffe Padres and the Army/Air force game against Ipswich Musketeers. We have a lot happening and we would love for everyone to get involved.”

Division One Team Manager and Seniors Coordinator, Paul Hardie spoke to me about the benefits that the club is seeing from having college players giving back to the club.

How does the involvement of college ball players affect the Division 1 team?

“The initial ‘pain’ that the Division 1 team feels from losing some of its better talent from the squad becomes relief once they return! There is a confidence that returning college ball players bring that envelope the squad. They bring good practice habits, new ideas, and a team-first philosophy that becomes infectious. Their skills have improved, their baseball IQ has improved, and their sense of self-belief has improved. All of this translates to a better team and hopefully better results.”

Do these players bring a different approach to the game, mentally and physically?

“The positive advantage that we have from returning College ball players is a sense of baseball ‘maturity’ that didn’t exist prior to them travelling overseas. Having had a ball in their hand effectively everyday while at college, and the benefit of many, many extra at-bats or innings pitched, means that they are better mentally able to cope with the demands of Division 1. They have lived an experience that would otherwise take many more years at Club level in Australia. Generally these are young men who, when travelling overseas to college, are having their first experience of living away from home. Their development in physical size and strength, resilience, and experience, is all-but impossible to replicate while at home and they come back better players and more worldly human-beings. They also bring back a knowledge about how best to look after their bodies; arm strength, conditioning, nutrition and overall fitness that means they set a good example for the rookies in the dugout.”

 How do the younger players benefit from the college players’ involvement?

“A lot of our younger rookies in the Div 1 and 2 squad aspire to follow the path of those before them. You can see them seeking out the guys that have come back to ask for guidance about not just their game and form, but how to get better generally and how to go about building their college application. They build a rapport – a bond that helps our dugout culture and helps make our Club even stronger.”

Pine Hills Lighting will host Redcliffe Padres this Friday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 3:00pm; if you are local and want to support your club then get involved at the ballpark!

If you are part of a baseball club in Queensland and have a story to share, we would love to hear from you; just email me at to get your story heard! Players, coaches, umpires, families and fans are all encouraged to get in contact!